PHYS 222 (11-19) Supplemental Instruction

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Lecture: MWF 2:10pm
Instructor: Prell

SI Leader:

Weekly SI Sessions

Tuesdays, 6:10pm @ Gilman 1051
Wednesdays, 7:10pm @ Gilman 1051
Thursdays, 7:10pm @ Gilman 1051

About SI for this Course

The course material of Phys 222 can get abstract and complicated, so I will try my best to help you understand it and succeed in this class.
Through group problems and exercises, we will tackle complex topics and solve any questions you have.

Karl is the other SI leader for the 1pm lecture. Feel free to go to his sessions if you would like (Sunday, Monday, Wednesday at 5pm in 1160 Sweeney)


Final Exam Review [DOC] - Practice exam for final exam review

Dead week reviews Solutions [PDF] - solutions to the worksheets and problems

Dead Week unit 3 review [DOC] - Worksheet on LCR circuits, AC, optics and interference

Dead Week unit 2 Review [DOC] - Review of Circuits, magnetism, induction

4-28-14 Worksheet [DOC] - Diffraction, double slit and single slit problems

Dead Week Unit 1 review [DOC] - Review of fluids and electrostatics

4-23-24 Worksheet [DOC] - Problems about Lenses

4-15-14 worksheet [DOC] - reflection, refraction, snell's law

4-16-14 worksheet [DOC] - refraction, mirrors, optics

Exam Review Worksheet - corrected [DOCX] - Problems on magnetism, induction for exam 2 review

3-24-2014 Worksheet [DOC] - Problems about magnetic induction (Faraday's and Lenz's Law)

3-6-2014 Worksheet [DOC] - problems on magnetic force for loops and hall effect

3-4-2014 worksheet [DOC] - Worksheet with some RC circuit and magnetic force problems

2/27/2014 Worksheet [DOC] - Worksheet about circuits, Kirchhoff's Laws and one RC problems

Exam 1 Review - Answers [DOCX] - Answers for exam review 1

Exam 1 Review [DOC] - Handout for exam review covering fluids, electrostatics and capacitance

2-11-2014 worksheet [DOC] - Worksheet about electric potential and potential energy

2-4-2014 worksheet [DOC] - Exercises on Gauss Law and determining the E-field for commmon geometries

1-28-2014 worksheet [DOC] - Exercises on Charge, Electric Forces and Electric Fields