PHYS 221 (30-44) Supplemental Instruction

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Lecture: MWF 3:10pm or
MWF 11:00am
Instructor: Ho

SI Leader: Brian Crist

Weekly SI Sessions

Sundays, 5:10pm @ Physics Area B51
Wednesdays, 5:10pm @ Physics Area B51
Thursdays, 5:10pm @ Physics Area B51

About SI for this Course

I plan SI sessions to be physics-problem-solving learning opportunities. I will provide demonstrations and examples of physics problems that will reinforce the course materials and supplement efforts to successfully complete the course.

Attendance and participation are optional and sincerely encouraged.



Practice Final Exam [PDF] -

Entropy [PDF] - Entropy

Kinematic and Rotational Motion Equations [PDF] - Analogies presented in an easy to read table

Heat Work Adiabatic Processes [PDF] -

Thermodynamic Processes Heat Engines [PDF] -

Heat Transfer Mechanisms Thermal Properties [PDF] -

Phase Heat Transfer [PDF] -

Torque Dynamics of Rotation [PDF] -

Center of Mass [PDF] -

Momentum Impulse and Collisions [PDF] -

Equilibrium Stress and Strain [PDF] -

Gravitation [PDF] -

WET and Elastic Potential Energy I [PDF] -

WET and Elastic Potential Energy II [PDF] -

Mechanical and Transverse Waves [PDF] -

Standing Waves and Thermal Expansion [PDF] -



Review Session Solutions [PDF] -

Review Session Questions [PDF] -

Worksheet 2.12 Solutions [PDF] -

Worksheet 2.13 Work and Energy [PDF] -

Worksheet 2.12 Application of Newton's Laws [PDF] -

Solution, Birds-Velocity Problem [PDF] - Please scroll to last page of this PDF for solution

Worksheet 1.29 Circular Motion [PDF] -

Relative Velocity Tutorial -

Rotational Kinematics - Helpful explanations and practice with rotational motion

Projectile Motion - Watch the first 12'10" of this video - all of it if you can!

Worksheet 1.26 projectile motion [PDF] -

Worksheet 1.23 [PDF] -

Worksheet 01.22 [PDF] -