PHYS 221 (1-19) Supplemental Instruction

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Lecture: MWF 8:00am or
MWF 9:00am
Instructor: Rosenberg

SI Leader: Justin

Weekly SI Sessions

Mondays, 3:10pm @ Physics Area B51
Tuesdays, 4:10pm @ Physics Area B51
Thursdays, 7:10pm @ Physics Area B51

About SI for this Course

We will do a lot of example problems that will help you review concepts, and practice problem solving strategies. There will also be time to ask questions and get help with confusing material. If a worksheet is posted in the resources on the same day as session, please bring a copy of that worksheet to session.


Worksheet 17 - Thermodynamics [DOCX] -

Worksheet 16 Ideal Gas [DOCX] -

Worksheet 15 - Heat transfer [DOCX] -

Worksheet 14 - Waves [DOCX] -

Worksheet 13 - Gravity [DOCX] -

Worksheet 12 - Angular momentum [DOCX] -

Worksheet 11 - Rotation of Rigid Bodies [DOCX] -

Practice Test problems solutions [DOCX] -

Practice Test problems [DOCX] - A few problems for practice for the test.

Worksheet 10 - Friction and Work [DOCX] -

Worksheet 9 - Friction [DOCX] -

Worksheet 7 - Forces [DOCX] -

Worksheet 6 - Forces [DOCX] -

Worksheet 5 - Circular and relative motion [DOCX] -

Worksheet 4 - Circular motion [DOCX] - introduction to circular motion with one 2D motion problem

Worksheet 3 - 2D motion [DOCX] -

Worksheet 2 - 1D motion [DOC] - examples in 1-D motion using step by step problem solving technique

Worksheet 1 - Solutions [DOCX] -

Worksheet 1 - intro and vectors [DOC] - Covers vectors, graphs, and relation of position, velocity and acceleration.