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Lecture: TR 9:30-10:50 am
Instructor: COOPER

SI Leader: Meredith P.

Weekly SI Sessions

Tuesday 7:10pm @ Online
Wednesday 7:10pm @ Online
Thursday 7:10pm @ Online

About SI for this Course

Supplemental Instruction is provided online via WebEx during the period of online classes. Join my SI sessions by using this link:

Due to potential unforeseen obstacles SI Leaders may encounter as they move to online delivery, some sessions may be modified, cancelled, or suspended until in-person sessions can resume on campus.

Hey Y'all, my name is Meredith and I will be the SI leader for Psych 101. I have been a leader for this class before and I have taken the class before. I will be working with the Professor to make sure that we are being as efficient as possible when going over topics for the exam. In session we will use review games, Kahoots, and worksheets. I look forward to working with y'all.

On Tuesdays we will be reviewing the material from the section/unit so far.

On Wednesday we will review material from Tuesdays Lecture.

On Thursday we will review material from Thursdays lecture.


Exam 2 Kahoot! -

Exam Review pt 1 -

Exam Review key - Exam review

3-12 Worksheet - personality

3-10 Jeopardy -

3-11 Worksheet - Prejudice and Discrimination

3-5 Worksheet - Social influence

3-4 Worksheet - Intelligence

3-3 Worksheet - Stress

2-26 Worksheet - Emotion

2-20 worksheet - Motivation

2-18 worksheet - Thinking

Review Kahoot! -

Book Review questions - Book review Qs&As

2-11 Worksheet - Memory

Unit one Review - Review guide for unit one

2-6 Worksheet - Sensation and Perception 2

2-5 Worksheet - Sensation and Perception

1-30 Worksheet - Sleep and Dreams

1-29 Worksheet [DOCX] - The cerebral cortex

1-28 Worksheet [DOCX] - Brain and behavior p1

1-22 worksheet [DOCX] - Research methods

1-21 worksheet [DOCX] - History and Approaches