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Lecture: MWF 12:10-1:00 pm
Instructor: BASNET

SI Leader: Daniel C.

Weekly SI Sessions

Monday 7:10pm @ Online
Tuesday 4:10pm @ Online
Thursday 4:10pm @ Online

About SI for this Course

Supplemental Instruction is provided online via WebEx during the period of online classes. Join my SI sessions by using this link:

Due to potential unforeseen obstacles SI Leaders may encounter as they move to online delivery, some sessions may be modified, cancelled, or suspended until in-person sessions can resume on campus.

SI is a free resource that has 3 fifty minute sessions per week. In these sessions we will cover the topics discussed from the previous lecture. We will tackle problems together as a group with worksheets and other activities. I will try to post the worksheets on the website as quickly as possible so that you can use outside of class if you cannot attend. If you have any questions, please email me through the SI website. I look forward to working with you all throughout the semester!


Session Times

Just wanted to add a quick note on the session times. The times listed are all in Central Standard Time. So for example, my sessions on Monday will start at 7:10 PM Central Standard Time. Just wanted to make that clarification in case you were viewing from a different time zone.

Welcome to MATH 265 SI!

Welcome to the SI website! This is where all of my worksheets and announcements will be. Sign up for email updates to receive notifications about any announcements/agendas for SI.


Worksheet 3-24-20 [PDF] - Multi-Variable Integration

Worksheet 3-24-20 [KEY] [PDF] -

Worksheet 3-10-20 [PDF] - Absolute Max and Min; Lagrange Multipliers

Exam 2 Review [PDF] - Questions and Answer Key

Worksheet 3-5-20 [PDF] - Critical Points

Worksheet 3-3-20 [PDF] - Taylor Polynomials

Worksheet 2-27-20 [PDF] - Gradient, Directional Derivative

Worksheet 2-25-20 [PDF] - Chain Rule; Implicit Differentiation

Worksheet 2-20-20 [PDF] - Limits

Worksheet 2-18-20 [PDF] - Domain and Level Curves

Worksheet 2-11-20 [PDF] - Components of Acceleration and Curvature

Exam 1 Review [PDF] -

Exam 1 Review [KEY] [PDF] -

Problem 3 Answer [PDF] - This is the key for problem 3 under vector functions.

Worksheet 2-6-20 [PDF] - Arc Length

Worksheet 2-4-20 [PDF] - Osculating Planes, Integrals of Vector Functions

Worksheet 2-3-20 [PDF] - Parametric Curves, Tangent Lines

Worksheet 1-30-20 [PDF] - Lines, Planes, Quadric Surfaces

Worksheet 1-28-20 [PDF] - Cross Product, Lines, Planes

Worksheet 1-27-20 [PDF] - Cross Product, Area

Worksheet 1-23-20 [PDF] - Dot Product, Angle Between Vectors, Projection

Worksheet 1-21-20 [DOCX] - Coordinate Systems and Spheres