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Lecture: MW 1:10-2:00 PM
Instructor: ZAIKINA

SI Leader: Andrea T.

Weekly SI Sessions

Monday 5:10pm @ Online
Tuesday 6:10pm @ Online
Wednesday 5:10pm @ Online

About SI for this Course

Supplemental Instruction is provided online via WebEx during the period of online classes. Join my SI sessions by using this link:

Due to potential unforeseen obstacles SI Leaders may encounter as they move to online delivery, some sessions may be modified, cancelled, or suspended until in-person sessions can resume on campus.

SI is a resource intended to help you establish keen learning skills on your own and among small groups. Each session will be 50 minutes and will primarily target corresponding lecture information. Worksheets will be used for the sessions as well as engaging group activities.

I plan to post the worksheets, but I will not post answers, so come to the sessions and we can work them out together. If you have any questions regarding past worksheets, I will be happy to talk with you before lecture or during another session you can attend. You can also message me through the SI website.

I hope to see you all throughout the semester!


Online Sessions

Hey guys! Online sessions start tonight at 5:10. All you need to do is log on to WebEx through ISU sign-on, or follow the address listed above, and join the session. All sessions will be live the same days and times as they would be normally.
My plan is to post the worksheets before SI and post the answers after SI is over. This should help those that can't log on at the correct time. If you have any questions about the worksheet or lectures, feel free to log on during SI time and ask away!
Please remember that Supplemental Instruction is supposed to be supplemental. Please do not come to SI as a substitute for your own online learning. I only have time to go over a few points from each lecture, so you are encouraged to watch the video lectures that your professor posts and follow along with her. It is also encouraged that you do so before attending SI. I will do my best to help you guys achieve a full understanding of the course content even with the online shift, but I can't do


Solubility Product [DOCX] -

Solubility Product [DOCX] -

Titrations 2 Answers [PDF] -

Solubility Product Answers [JPG] -

Solubility Product Answers [JPG] -

Titrations 2 [DOCX] -

Titrations 1 [DOCX] -

Titrations 1 Answers [PDF] -

Exam 2 review [DOCX] -

Exam 2 Review ANSWERS [DOCX] -

Buffers [DOCX] -

Calculating pH of salt solutions [DOCX] -

Review Week 7 [DOCX] - Salt solutions, polyprotic acids, conjugate acids/bases

Polyprotic acids [DOCX] -

Finding pH [DOCX] -

Review!! [DOCX] - Week 6 review

Le Chatlier's Principle [DOCX] -

Exam 1 Part 2 [DOCX] -

Exam 1 Part 2 Answers 1 [PDF] -

Exam 1 Review Part 2 Answers 2 [PDF] -

Exam 1 Review part 1 [DOCX] -

Exam 1 Part 1 Answers [PDF] -

Equilibrium [DOCX] - Manipulating K values, ICE table intro

Energy in reactions [DOCX] - Energy diagrams and Arrhenius equation

Reaction rates review [DOCX] - Week 1 and 2 review

Reaction rates and Integrated Rate law [DOCX] -

Reaction Rates [DOCX] - Review week 1