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Lecture: MWF 12:10-1:00 pm
Instructor: STEPHENS

SI Leader: Matt H.

Weekly SI Sessions

Sunday 4:10pm @ Online
Monday 6:10pm @ Online
Wednesday 7:10pm @ Online

About SI for this Course

Supplemental Instruction is provided online via WebEx during the period of online classes. Join my SI sessions by using this link:

Due to potential unforeseen obstacles SI Leaders may encounter as they move to online delivery, some sessions may be modified, cancelled, or suspended until in-person sessions can resume on campus.

Welcome to the SI website for Chem 177. SI is a free, voluntary attendance, addition to your lecture which is provided by the University for traditionally difficult classes.

Students who regularly attend SI achieve better grades, struggle less in class, and face much less frustration.

Worksheets, reference material, and formula sheets will be posted on this website before each session and we will go over them together during SI.


No SI Today

Hi everyone. There will be no SI today (Sun, Mar 29) since you just had an exam. Next session will be monday. Have a good weekend. -Matt

Chem 177 SI session update

Hi everyone, I will still be posting SI worksheets and I will also attach a PDF of the answer key. Additionally, I will be recording myself completing the worksheet during the regular SI session time so that you can watch and ask questions live if you want. I will post a link to a YouTube video of me completing the worksheet so you can watch it later. This evening will also record myself completing the exam review worksheet (Sun Mar 22, 4:10-6:00pm). You can tune in live if you want or watch it on Youtube later. The first part will be me doing the worksheet, and the rest of the session will be open for Q+A / help session. Message me if you have any questions -Matt


Worksheet 20 Youtube - youtube link

Worksheet 20: Mar 25, 2020 [DOCX] - electron orbitals, quantum numbers

Periodic Table Blocks [PDF] - reference

Worksheet 20 answer key [PDF] - from last year, same problems, just different order

Worksheet Answer Keys [PDF] - 2019 keys

Worksheet 19: Mar 23, 2020 [DOCX] - more practice

Exam 3 Review Youtube - youtube link

Worksheet 19: Mar 23, 2020 key [PDF] - key

Worksheet 19 Youtube - youtube link

Exam 3 Review [DOCX] - I will post answer key later

Exam 3 Review: Key [PDF] - key

Worksheet 18: Mar 11, 2020 [DOCX] - hess law, enthalpy of formation

Worksheet 17: Mar 9, 2020 [DOCX] - calorimetry, start Hess Law

Worksheet 16: Mar 8, 2020 [DOCX] - heat capacity, calorimetry

Worksheet 15: Mar 4, 2020 [DOCX] - thermochemistry

Sunday Exam 2 Review KEY [PDF] - key

Sunday Exam 2 Review [DOCX] - worksheet

Worksheet 14: Feb 26, 2020 [DOCX] - gas reactions, density, partial pressure

Exam 2 Topics [PDF] - tentative

Worksheet 13: Feb 24, 2020 [DOCX] - gas laws, reactions with gasses

Worksheet 12: Feb 23, 2020 [DOCX] - begin gasses, oxidation reduction

Activity Series [PDF] - reference

Worksheet 11: Feb 19, 2020 [DOCX] - oxidation reduction, half reactions

Worksheet 10: Feb 17, 2020 [DOCX] - acid base, titrations, oxidation reduction

Worksheet 9: Feb 16, 2020 [DOCX] - net ionic equations, titrations, acid base

Worksheet 8: Feb 12, 2020 [DOCX] - electrolytes, molarity, dilution

Solubility Rules [PDF] - pdf

Worksheet 7: Feb 10, 2020 [DOCX] - stoichiometry, limiting reactants, electrolytes

Worksheet 6: Feb 9, 2020 [DOCX] - balancing equations, chemical reactions, stoichiometry

Worksheet 5: Feb 5, 2020 [DOCX] - balanced equations, combustion, stoichiometry

Sunday Exam 1 Review [DOCX] - worksheet: 3:10-5, Lebaron 1210

Sunday Exam Review 1 KEY [PDF] - key

Worksheet 4: Jan 29, 2020 [DOCX] - acids, avg atomic mass, intro to moles

Worksheet 3: Jan 27, 2020 [DOCX] - nomenclature, polyatomic ions

Polyatomic Ions [PDF] - reference

Worksheet 2: Jan 26, 2020 [DOCX] - isotopes, periodic table, unit conversions

Worksheet 1: Jan 22, 2020 [DOCX] - unit conversions, sig figs, density, protons neutrons

Printable Periodic table [PDF] - for reference