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Lecture: TR 2:10-3:30 pm
Instructor: KUKDAY

SI Leader: Courtney S.

Weekly SI Sessions

Monday 6:10pm @ Online
Tuesday 6:10pm @ Online
Thursday 7:10pm @ Online

About SI for this Course

Supplemental Instruction is provided online via WebEx during the period of online classes. Join my SI sessions by using this link:

Due to potential unforeseen obstacles SI Leaders may encounter as they move to online delivery, some sessions may be modified, cancelled, or suspended until in-person sessions can resume on campus.

Welcome to SI! This is the SI page for BIOL 212 taught by Dr. Kukday (TH 2:10-3:30). Our three weekly meetings will consist of activities that will help you study and interact with the material covered in lecture. This is also a good time to ask specific questions about anything you may have struggled with in lecture.

The scale of information presented in BIOL 212 tends to increase, from atomic to microscopic to macroscopic, as the semester progresses. Additionally, all of the information will build off of itself from unit to unit, so it is a good idea to have your questions answered early on than to try and play catch-up at the end. SI is a good way to make sure you're staying on top of the important concepts, and can help you succeed as the subject matter becomes more difficult.


Worksheet for 26 Mar.

Link: Password: MEpDKdk3d62

24 March

Link: Password: 6WWzcQVKa27

Exam 3 Review

Hi everyone! I hope you enjoyed spring break and are staying safe out there. As you're probably already aware, we'll be transitioning to online SI sessions starting with tomorrow's session. Additionally, exam 3 will open tomorrow, so we'll be kicking off with some exam review (I hope you studied a little bit during break)! The online platform we'll be using for SI is called Webex. For each session, you will need a link and password to enter the Webex meeting, which I will include in each of my announcements on this page. Tomorrow's meeting's link and password are listed below: Link - Password - CCkgtZZ2t82 I haven't received any formal training on how to use Webex, so I imagine there will be a lot of troubleshooting in the first week. Please bear with me and your other instructors as we work through this sudden transition. We greatly appreciate your patience. Thank you and I hope to see you all tomorrow!

Worksheet for 12 Mar. + SI Programming Update

Hi everyone! I just posted tomorrow's worksheet! Quick update on my health: my fever broke sometime last night and I feel much better than I have since Sunday, so I will be at tomorrow's session (I will be wearing a face mask just in case I am still contagious). As far as I am aware, I was not infected with the coronavirus, this was just a standard case of influenza (all the more reason to get your annual vaccine!) Additionally, as with all in-person classes, SI will be moving to online meetings through WebEx beginning March 23. I have more information regarding that in the 12 March worksheet. Please do not hesitate to contact me if you have any questions regarding this change.

Worksheet for 10 Mar. + Sub Tomorrow

Hi everyone! I just posted tomorrow's worksheet, and also I wanted to let you know that you'll be having a substitute tomorrow. His name is Justin and he SI's for a different 212 section, so he should be pretty familiar with the content you'll be covering tomorrow.


Worksheet for 26 Mar. [DOCX] -

Exam 3 Review [DOCX] -

Exam 2 Review [DOCX] -

Worksheet for 12 Mar. [DOCX] -

Worksheet for 10 Mar. [DOCX] -

Worksheet for 5 Mar. [DOCX] -

Worksheet for 3 Mar. [DOCX] -

Worksheet for 2 Mar. [DOCX] -

Worksheet for 27 Feb. [DOCX] -

Exam 2 Review [DOCX] -

Worksheet for 20 Feb. [DOCX] -

Worksheet for 18 Feb. [DOCX] -

Worksheet for 17 Feb. [DOCX] -

Worksheet for 13 Feb. [DOCX] -

Worksheet for 11 Feb. [DOCX] -

Worksheet for 10 Feb. [DOCX] -

Worksheet for 6 Feb. [DOCX] -

Exam 1 Review [DOCX] -

Worksheet for 30 Jan. [DOCX] -

Worksheet for 28 Jan. [DOCX] -

Worksheet for 23 Jan. [DOCX] -

Worksheet for 27 Jan. [DOCX] -

Worksheet for 21 Jan. [DOCX] -