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Lecture: TR 9:30-10:50 am
Instructor: CLEM

SI Leader: Cassie K.

Weekly SI Sessions

Monday 3:10pm CDT @ Online
Tuesday 6:10pm CDT @ Online
Thursday 5:10pm CDT @ Online
Online SI Sessions Via WebEx @

About SI for this Course

Supplemental Instruction is provided online via WebEx during the period of online classes. Join my SI sessions by using this link:

Due to potential unforeseen obstacles SI Leaders may encounter as they move to online delivery, some sessions may be modified, cancelled, or suspended until in-person sessions can resume on campus.

Supplemental Instruction (SI) is a great tool in helping students understand how to learn material for the course. It is completely voluntary and free! With Acct 284 being a large lecture, the SI sessions are focused to provide more 1-1, individual, and team interactions! During sessions you will apply the knowledge learned in class to an array of exercises to help you better understand the concepts. SI is a wonderful resource to have and I hope to see you there!


Chapter 13_Worksheet [DOCX] - Horizontal and Vertical Analysis

Chapter 7_Worksheet 2 [PDF] - FIFO/LIFO/WAC

Board Race Ch. 4-6 [PDF] - **Please note a change in the purchase adj. if you were in class**

Study Resources - Link to ASC's study resources

Exam 2 Review Document [PDF] -

Chapter 7_Worksheet [PDF] -

Chapter 6 Worksheet 1 [PDF] - COGS, Purchases, and Sales

Chapter 6_Problems [PDF] - Multistep Inc. Stmt, COGS, Purchase/Sales Adj.

Chapter 4_Comprehension [PDF] - Adjusting Entries importance and explaining how to

Chapter 4_Problems [PDF] - Adjusting Entries Problems

Chapter 4_MC problems [PDF] -

Chapter 3 Review Worksheet_KEY [PDF] -

Chapter 2 Review_KEY [PDF] -

Exam 1_Practice Exam [PDF] - Practice exam for SI Exam Review

Chapter 3 Review Worksheet [PDF] - Cash/Accrual Basis of Accounting

Chapter 2 Review [PDF] - Transaction Analysis and Journal Entry Problems

Chapter 2_Board Race Game [PDF] - Transaction Analysis and Journal Entry Problems

Chapter 1 Review_KEY [PDF] -

Chapter 1 Review [PDF] -

Chapter 1 Kahoot -

Chapter 1 Worksheet_KEY [PDF] -

Chapter 1 Worksheet [PDF] - 3 Basic Equations and Problems