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Lecture: TR 11:00am - 12:40pm
Instructor: Sabrowsky

SI Leader: Taylor D.

Weekly SI Sessions

Tuesday 5:10 pm @ Carver 0174
Wednesday 4:10 pm @ Carver 0174
Thursday 5:10 pm @ Pearson 2137

About SI for this Course

Supplementary Instruction (SI) is a resource intended to help you establish keen learning skills on your own and among small groups. Each session will be 50 minutes and will primarily target corresponding lecture information. Worksheets will be utilized as well as group activities. We will emphasis problem solving that will help you not only in this course but, future endeavors as well.

While worksheets will be posted online and available to students, I will not be posting the key. However, I will be happy to answer questions regarding past worksheets before lecture or at another session that you can attend. I strongly encourage any and all questions that may bring clarity to the course.

I hope to see you all at sessions throughout the semester!


*ATTN: Bring your Z Tables to SI from here on out!

We will be using Z tables intermittently beginning 9/17. You will need to bring it to SI for the remainder of the Semester.


Session #9 Worksheet 9/19 [DOCX] -