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Lecture: TR 8:00am - 9:15am
Instructor: Phillips

SI Leader: Meredith P.

Weekly SI Sessions

EXCEPTION: September 22, 2019 @ 3-5 am: Exam review in Carver 0001

EXCEPTION: September 29 2019: No Session because no new material after exam

Sunday 4:10 pm @ Carver 0074
Tuesday 3:10 pm @ Carver 0002
Thursday 4:10 pm @ Howe 1226

About SI for this Course

SI for this course will be a supplement to the lecture. We will spend the sessions reviewing material that was covered in the lecture, studying for exams and playing review games.

SI is NOT a replacement for the lectures. It is meant to add to the students learning experience. Skipping lecture and just thinking that coming to SI will be enough will lead to missing potentially important material as we are unable to cover every thing that the professors teach.

I look forward to helping you all this semester!


Exam review

Just a reminder of our exam review tonight from 3-5 in Carver room 0001.
I have posted the study guide but will not be posting a key for it or the practice exam I will be doing on Tuesday. To get the answers for these you have to come to the sessions.

Sessions Next week

The review sessions will be as follows next week.
Sunday, Sept. 22 3-5pm in Carver 0001
Tuesday, Sept. 24 3-4pm in Carver 0002 (as normal)
Thursday, Sept. 26 4-5 in Howe 1226. Q&A ONLY come with last minute questions for the test.
Sunday, Sept. 29 No session!


Exam 1 review [DOCX] -

Worksheet #6 Key [DOCX] -

Worksheet #7 [DOCX] -

Worksheet #7 key [DOCX] -

Worksheet #6 [DOCX] -

Worksheet #5 Key [DOCX] -

Worksheet #5 [DOCX] - worksheet for 9/15/19

Worksheet #4 key [DOCX] -

Worksheet #4 [DOCX] - for session on 9/12/19

Worksheet #3 key [DOCX] -

Worksheet #3 [DOCX] -

Worksheet #2 key [DOCX] -

Worksheet #1 Key [DOCX] - The key for the first sessions worksheet

Worksheet #2 [DOCX] - Worksheet #2 for session 2

Worksheet #1 [DOCX] - Worksheet for the First SI session on 9/3/19