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Lecture: MWF 10:00am - 10:50am
Instructor: Stinga

SI Leader: Trace K.

Weekly SI Sessions

Monday 6:10 pm @ Carver 0074
Tuesday 7:10 pm @ Carver 0074
Thursday 7:10 pm @ Carver 0074

About SI for this Course

Hello there!

I am your SI leader Trace, and this is the web page for my section of MATH 265 Supplemental Instruction (SI).

SI is a resource open to all students to help them learn through working with their peers. Studies have shown that regularly going to SI can increase your performance in a course by as much as half a letter grade. Each session is 50 minutes and will include topics covered in the lecture. We will not only work on the material from the lectures but also how to effectively learn the material.

The sessions will usually consist of working through problems and concepts together to make sure everyone has a good understanding of the material. I will also talk about techniques that I used to learn the material for this class when I was in it, so that you can use them as well for this course and any future courses that you have.

I will be posting all of my session times and any announcements I have here, so please sign up for the email notification so that you will be up to date with everything that goes on for MATH 265 SI. I will also be posting any materials from sessions and exam reviews here in the resources section as well.

I hope to see you all there.


Exam Review 1

Hello there! As you probably know by now, your exam is one week from today. With this, I will be hosting a review session based on the material that is on the exam. This session will be on Wednesday, Sept. 25th from 5 pm to 7 pm located in Hoover 2055. I have prepared 7 questions that we will be going through. I have tried to make the questions as similarly as creative and "Butler-ish" as are usually on the test, so this should be a good way for you to see how you may do on the test. I hope to see you all there!



Integration of VVF's and Arc Length, maybe Tangential and Normal Acceleration


Exam Review! We will be meeting in Hoover 2055 at 5-7pm to go over some practice test problems.


Tangential and normal acceleration, and curvature. I will also try to have some time at the end to go over any concepts that are still confusing to any one and have some practice problems to go over.


Problem from 9/9 Session [PDF] - A solution to the problem that was introduce, but badly executed in the 9/9 session. Please try to solve it on your own before looking at the solution.