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Lecture: MWF 12:10pm - 1:00pm
Instructor: Zarechnyy

SI Leader: Natalia G.

Weekly SI Sessions

Monday 7:10 pm @ Howe 1220
Tuesday 5:10 pm @ Howe 1220
Thursday 5:10 pm @ Hoover 1322

About SI for this Course

SI is a resource intended to help students not only better understand the material of the class but also to better ones learning skills. Each session will be 50 minutes long and will primarily target corresponding lecture information. Worksheets will be utilized as well as engaged group activities.

Please note that SI is not a replacement for lectures. It is not intended to teach you the full material but rather to reinforce what you have learned in the lectures.


Exam 1 Review

Hello EM 324 students!

The first exam is coming up and it's time for a review session! I will be holding a 2 hour review session on Tuesday 24th in Physics 0005 from 5:10 to 7:00 PM . I will be posting a worksheet so please make sure to bring a printed version.

With that said there will be no session the following Thursday 26th .


EM 324 Session 8 Worksheet [PDF] - Tensional Shear Stress and Strain

EM 324 Session 7 Worksheet [PDF] - Thermal Effects

Session 5 Problem 2 and 3 [PDF] - Axial Load

EM 324 Session 6 Worksheet [PDF] - Statically Indeterminate Axially Loaded Members

EM 324 Session 5 Worksheet [PDF] - Axial Load

EM 324 Session 4 Worksheet [PDF] - Strain and Factor of Safety

EM 324 Session 3 Worksheet [PDF] - Normal and Shear Stress

EM 324 Session 1 Worksheet [PDF] - Statics Review