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Lecture: MWF 10:00am - 10:50am
Instructor: Li

SI Leader: Taner E.

Weekly SI Sessions

Sunday 1:10 pm @ Carver 0174
Tuesday 5:10 pm @ Lagomarcino 1520
Thursday 5:10 pm @ Curtiss 0108

About SI for this Course

CHEM 331 stands apart from other chemistry courses with its unique content. This can be a stumbling block for students, but it's also an opportunity to explore new ways of understanding the chemical world. My sessions will focus on looking at material in a variety of ways with an emphasis on the underlying principles. I'll do my best to post worksheets/notes after sessions, but you'll get the most out of them if you actually attend! I am more than willing to answer any questions sent to me, and I prefer if you email me directly at

teiswald (at) iastate (dot) edu
. Looking forward to seeing y'all at SI!


09-19 Alkane nomenclature [PDF] -

IUPAC nomenclature rules - A nice guide I found

09-12 Acid strength, Lewis acids/bases [PDF] -

09-15 Exam 1 review [PDF] -

09-15 Exam 1 review solutions [PDF] -

09-10 Acid-base rxns, more resonance [PDF] -

09-08 Resonance, funtional groups [PDF] -

09-05 Intermolecular, bond-line, formal charge [PDF] -

09-03 Orbitals, hybridization [PDF] -

Topic request form - Fill this out if you want me to cover a specific topic!