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Lecture: TR 11:00am - 11:50am
Instructor: Miller

SI Leader: Andrea T.

Weekly SI Sessions

Monday 6:10 pm @ GIlman 1051
Wednesday 7:10 pm @ Gilman 1051
Thursday 5:10 pm @ Gilman 1051

About SI for this Course

SI is a resource intended to help you establish keen learning skills on your own and among small groups. Each session will be 50 minutes and will primarily target corresponding lecture information. Worksheets will be used for the sessions as well as engaging group activities.

I plan to post the worksheets, but I will not post answers, so come to the sessions and we can work them out together. If you have any questions regarding past worksheets, I will be happy to talk with you before lecture or during another session you can attend. You can also message me through the SI website.

I hope to see you all throughout the semester!


Exam Review Answers

Hey guys! I've uploaded the exam review answers. Just a note: number 8 is wrong. I had a rounding error while making the key, so K2 should actually be 1.84 X 10-5


Exam 1 Review [DOCX] -

Exam Review Answers [DOCX] - I included both the key and the one we worked through in session

Session 8 [DOCX] - LeChatliers

Session 7 [DOCX] - Manipulating K values

Session 6 [DOCX] - Review Week 2

Session 5 [DOCX] - Mass action expression and extra practice

Session 3 [DOCX] - Elementary steps, catalyst, mechanisms

Session 3 [DOCX] - Review week 1

Session 2 [DOCX] - Integrated Rate law, Arrhenius equation

Session 2 Review PPT [PPTX] -

Session 1 [DOCX] - Relative rates, rate law