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Lecture: MWF 1:10pm - 2:00pm
Instructor: Kukday

SI Leader: Courtney S.

Weekly SI Sessions

Monday 4:10 pm @ Pearson 2143
Tuesday 5:10 pm @ Pearson 2143
Friday 2:10 pm @ Gilman 2051

About SI for this Course

Welcome to SI! This is the SI page for BIOL 212 Section 1 taught by Dr. Kukday and Dr. Srivastava (MWF 1:10-2). Our three weekly meetings will consist of activities that will help you study and interact with the material covered in lecture. This is also a good time to ask specific questions about anything you may have struggled with in lecture.

The scale of information presented in BIOL 212 tends to increase, from atomic to microscopic to macroscopic, as the semester progresses. Additionally, all of the information will build off of itself from unit to unit, so it is a good idea to have your questions answered early on than to try and play catch-up at the end. SI is a good way to make sure you're staying on top of the important concepts, and can help you succeed as the subject matter becomes more difficult.

I look forward to meeting you all!


Worksheet for 23 Sept.

Hi everyone! The worksheet for tomorrow's session is up. Get ready for lots of diagrams and vocab!

Worksheet for 20 Sept.

Hi everyone! Sorry for the late upload, there was a weird issue with the single sign-on portal last night and I wasn't able to access this page. I just posted the worksheet for today!

Worksheet for 17 Sept.

Hi everyone! The worksheet for tomorrow is up! Also, remember to take your first exam before it closes on Thursday night! Good luck!

Worksheet for 16 Sept.

Hi everyone! The worksheet for tomorrow is now up! Also, you are probably well aware already, but your first exam opens TOMORROW! Because I don't want us to fall behind in unit 2, we will be pushing full steam ahead for this class. However, if you want to go over any of the material from unit 1, I will reserve about 10 minutes at the end of our session to cover any final questions. Good luck!

Worksheet for 13 Sept. AND EXAM PREP

Hi everyone! The worksheet for tomorrow's session is up. Also as a heads up, your first exam is next week! Come prepared with questions about material, as well as any concepts you'd like me to review. Make sure to check out the reading/study guide posted by Dr. Kukday in the Unit 1 Planner. If there's anything on that guide that looks unfamiliar or confusing to you, bring it up tomorrow and I'll do my best to help you out.


Session 23 Sept 2019 [DOCX] -

Session 20 Sept 2019 [DOCX] -

Session 17 Sept 2019 [DOCX] -

Session 16 Sept 2019 [DOCX] -

Session 13 Sept 2019 [DOCX] -

Session 10 Sept 2019 [DOCX] -

Session 9 Sept 2019 [DOCX] -

Session 6 Sept 2019 [DOCX] -

Double Helix/Antiparallel Diagram [PNG] -

Session 3 Sept 2019 [DOCX] - Chemistry of Life