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Lecture: MWF 3:10pm - 4:00pm
Instructor: Boury

SI Leader: Olivia P.

Weekly SI Sessions

Sunday 6:10 pm @ Carver 0174
Tuesday 7:10 pm @ Carver 0184
Thursday 7:10 pm @ Carver 0184

About SI for this Course

Hello Biology 211 students! Welcome to Supplemental Instruction. SI is an optional resource supplied by Iowa State University to help boost confidence in the classroom, develop helpful study habits, and increase your letter grade. Sessions will typically include worksheets, group learning tactics, and/or beneficial study games.

These sessions will be held 3 days a week and last for 50 minutes and be focused around what has been taught inside the lecture. I will be posting worksheets for you all to help you understand the course material. I am happy to answer any questions that you have about the worksheets before and/or after class or during our sessions throughout the week.

I hope to see you all in sessions throughout the fall semester!



Hello everyone! I hope classes have been going well so far. Just a few updates for the upcoming week. I will not be holding an SI session on Tuesday, September 24th, which also happens to be the first exam start date. I will be open to any questions through email or messaging through this website. Just let me know if you need any help! I will still be having sessions on Sunday the 22nd and Thursday the 26th of September. I hope to see you all there! My email is: Thank you! Olivia P.


Session 8 (Sept 18) WKST [DOC] - Session covering Wednesday September 18th lecture

Session 7 (Sept 16) Intro to Animals [DOC] - This is a worksheet that goes over what we have learn about chapter 30 Introduction to Animals

Kahoot Chapter 27 (Protists) - Kahoot over the vocabulary in the chapter 27 study guide!

Session 5 (Sept 11.) - This is a Jeopardy that was done in session to help you study and quiz yourself!

Session 6 (Sept 13) WKST [DOC] - Worksheet covering Friday 13 lecture

Session 4 (Sept. 9) WKST [DOC] - Monday's Lecture Sept 9 Worksheet

What Kind of Learner Are You? - This is a quiz by that can pinpoint how you learn the best. This is a great tool to have when studying for exams, finals, or even for homework!

Electron Transport Chain-Khan Academy - Here is a video link that describes and explains the Electron Transport Chain. I think this will be very helpful because this subject can be difficult!

Session 3 (Sept. 6) Worksheet [DOC] - Session covering Friday September 6th lecture

Session 2 (Sept 1-4) Worksheet [DOC] -

Session 1 (Aug 26-Aug 30) Worksheet [DOC] - This is the worksheet that I made for the SI Session on Sept 3rd