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Lecture: TR 9:30am
Instructor: Yu

SI Leader: Madison F.

Weekly SI Sessions

Monday 4:10pm @ Carver 0074
Tuesday 4:10pm @ Carver 0150
Wednesday 5:10pm @ Pearson 2137

About SI for this Course

Hi everyone! I am a junior in Finance and Management Information Systems. This is my first semester facilitating Supplemental Instruction. I am looking forward to a great semester and working with all of you! I will be holding three sessions per week for 50 minutes. This SI covers all sections of Stats 226. I encourage all of you to sign up for email updates so that you will know what will be covered in sessions. Cannot wait to meet you all!


Exam 2 Formula Sheet [DOCX] -

Practice Exam 2 [DOCX] -

Exam 2 Answer Key [DOCX] -

Practice Exam 1 [DOCX] -

Formula Sheet Exam 1 [JPG] -

Practice Exam 1 Answer 1 [JPG] -

Practice Exam 1 Answer 2 [JPG] -

Practice Exam 1 Answer 3 [JPG] -

Practice Exam 1 Answer 4 [JPG] -