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Lecture: All Sections
Instructor: Cooper

SI Leader: Abigail B.

Weekly SI Sessions

Tuesday 6:10pm @ Pearson 1105
Wednesday 6:10pm @ Pearson 1105
Thursday 5:10pm @ Pearson 1105

About SI for this Course


Supplemental Instruction consists of 50 minute sessions throughout each week of the semester. These sessions serve to give students a chance to get a better understanding of the content laid out during classroom lectures. Sessions will include interactive activities, both for individual and group work.

Throughout SI sessions, I will create worksheets, study guides, and host interactive review games. My goal for each session is to ensure understanding of classroom concepts, so students can feel confident in their abilities to excel on assignments and exams that they face in this course.

Students may feel free to contact me through the SI website with any questions or concerns, and I will strive to assist them in any way that I can!


Final Session before Exam

Just a reminder that there will be an SI session tonight at 5:10 in Pearson 1105. This session will be sort of a last-minute Q and A session for me to help anyone with any remaining questions about any Exam 1 material. I highly encourage all of you to attend to clear up any final questions. If I do not see some of you tonight at my session, GOOD LUCK ON THE EXAM TONIGHT! -A

Exam Review Part 2

Do not forget that PSYCH 101 Exam Review part 2 starts at 6:10 in Gilman 1352! See you all there! -A


Do not forget that Exam Review Part 1 for PSYCH 101 is tonight at 6:10 in Gilman 1352! See you all there!

Next three sessions

Just a reminder that the next three SI sessions for PSYCH 101 will be as follows: Thursday 9/14 at 5:10 in Pearson 1105 (tonight!) Sunday 9/17 at 6:10-7:30 in GIlman 1352 EXAM Review Part 1 Tuesday 9/19 at 6:10-7:30 in Gilman 1352 EXAM Review Part 2


Independent & Dependent Variables Worksheet [JPG] - Page 1 of Worksheet from SI Session on Thurs. 8/31

Independent & Dependent Variables Worksheet [JPG] - Page 2 of Worksheet from SI session on 8/31/17

Independent & Dependent Variables Answer Key [JPG] - Page 1 Answer Key I & D Variables

Independent & Dependent Answer Key [JPG] - Page 2 Answer Key I & D Variables

Brain and Behavior Part 1 Worksheet [DOCX] - From session on 9/7/17

Brain and Behavior Part 1 Answer Key page 1 [JPG] -

Brain and Behavior Part 1 Answer Key page 2 [JPG] -