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Lecture: TR 11:00am
Instructor: Furukawa

SI Leader: Devon E.

Weekly SI Sessions

Sunday 5:10pm @ Howe 1220
Wednesday 5:10pm @ Hoover 1322
Thursday 5:10pm @ Hoover 1322

About SI for this Course


SI is a FREE learning environment beneficial to all who are looking for a grade boost. This semester, I will hold three 50-minute sessions each week for Physics 111 in which we will cover lecture material in a group learning format. Each week, I will have worksheets to facilitate a discussion on topics that students find difficult in hopes that you will be able to work problems on your own for homework and exams. I will also hold review sessions before each exam this semester.

Everybody is welcome at these sessions, and I look forward to meeting you all! This is going to be a great semester!


Thanksgiving Break

Hey all,
I will not be holding sessions over break. This includes the two Sundays (11/19 and 11/26). I hope you all eat some delicious turkey and are ready to dive into some physics two Wednesdays from now!

Exam 3 Cheat Sheet answers

Hey all!
I just posted a "cheat sheet" for exam 3. This is essentially an explanation of the equation sheet. I hope that you guys will print off the sheet, and fill it out as best as you can. I posted a completed one so you can check your answers. Any equation that you can't explain without looking at the answer sheet is something you should study.
I hope this helps!
P.S. I am in the works of scheduling an exam review as well

Worksheet Answers

Hey everybody! I was asked if I could post answers (but not the solutions) to the worksheets we do in sessions. I will post answers to the ones we went over AND SOLUTIONS to ones we didn't get to. Also, if I altered the worksheet during a session, ill change it on the answer sheet too. Have a good long weekend (remember this weekend's Sunday session is cancelled)!


Exam 3 review solutions [PDF] -

Session 28 [PDF] - Heat, thermal conductivity, phase changes

Session 27 [PDF] - Temperature and heat

Exam 3 Cheat Sheet [PDF] -

Exam 3 cheat sheet answers [PDF] -

Session 25 [PDF] - Fluid Flow

Session 24 [PDF] - Static Fluids

Session 22 [PDF] - Doppler effect, Interference, standing waves, beats

Session 21 [PDF] - Waves

Session 20 [PDF] - simple harmonic motion

Session 19 [PDF] - Simple harmonic motion

Session 15 answers [PDF] -

Session 16 answers [PDF] -

Session 17 answers [PDF] -

Session 18 answers [PDF] -

Exam 2 review solutions [PDF] - This is the exam we went over during the review session, plus one gravitation problem we went over in the last 30 minutes

Session 18 [PDF] - Gravity

Session 9 answers [PDF] -

Session 10 answers [PDF] -

Session 11 answers [PDF] -

Session 12 answers [PDF] -

Session 14 answers [PDF] -

Session 17 [PDF] -

Session 16 [PDF] - With the next exam around the corner, I figured we could use a review of concepts we have learned so far.

Session 15 [PDF] - Rotational kinematics and dynamics

Session 14 [PDF] - Center of mass, and uniform circular motion

Session 13 [PDF] - Linear momentum and impulse with review concepts

Session 12 [PDF] - Linear Momentum and Impulse

Session 11 [PDF] - conservative forces and conservation of mechanical energy

Session 10 [PDF] -

Session 9 [PDF] - Work, Energy, and Power

Exam 1 review solutions [PDF] -

Session 5 answers [PDF] -

Session 6 answers [PDF] -

Session 7 answers [PDF] -

Session 7 [PDF] - Complex applications of Newton's laws

Exam 1 cheat sheet [PDF] - This is a document my Physics 111 SI predecessor made. It contains a list of all the variables and what they mean, as well as general instructions of how to solve certain types of problems. I hope you find this helpful!

Session 6 [PDF] - Gravaitational force, frictional force, and Normal force

Session 4 answers [PDF] -

Session 5 [PDF] - Review of projectile motion and Newton's laws of motion

Session 3 answers [PDF] -

Session 4 [PDF] - Newton's laws

Session 3 [PDF] - Relative velocity in 2D, and projectile motion

Session 2 answers [PDF] - Answers to session 2

Physics 111 Session 2 [PDF] - acceleration, vectors, relative velocity

Physics 111 Session 1 [PDF] - Kinematics