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SI Leader: Joel S.

Weekly SI Sessions

Monday 7:10pm @ Gilman 2205
Tuesday 6:10pm @ Hoover 2264
Wednesday 6:10pm @ Hoover 2264

About SI for this Course

SI for ME 170 will take place on Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday. On Monday, we will meet in Gilman 2205 7:10-8pm and have sessions that cover materials in the book or assigned homework. Tuesdays and Wednesdays will be 6:10-7pm in 2264 Hoover. In these sessions, we will go over problems in Solidworks and also go over how to use Matlab for a project later in the semester. These sessions will be collaborative when possible.

SI Evaluations


SI For 9/20

For Tonight (9/20), the SI session will go over drawings in Solidworks. I will take any specific questions you have at the beginning of the session. After that, we will practice with some different models and discuss the necessary views. Because Professor Feve's sections have a test on Monday (9/25), I will spend some time at the end going over an exam review. We can cover dimensioning for your PTFOs next week if you all would like more information on dimensioning.

Focus This Week

Hi all! Sorry for the late update. Tonight (9/18), we will go over cross sections and analyzing them. I will also take some time to answer any last second questions you have about the career fair. I found it really helpful to hear about it from another student, so please come and ask any questions you have. Tuesday's (9/19) SI this week will be cancelled because of the career fair. Make sure to go, it is a very good experience to have. Wednesday (9/20), we will go over drawings in Solidworks. This includes how many views you need to include, additional views needed, and any other questions you have. Good luck this week!


Review for Exam 2 (Sections 4,5) [PDF] - Here is the test review we went over last night for the test on Monday. Let me know if you disagree with any of the answers or have any questions.