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SI Leader: Kyle H.

Weekly SI Sessions

Monday 7:10pm @ Howe 1220
Tuesday 8:10pm @ Black 1020
Wednesday 7:10pm @ Howe 1220

About SI for this Course

Welcome to SI for ME160! I will be hosting fifty-minute sessions on Mondays and Wednesdays from 7:10 to 8 PM, and on Tuesdays from 8:10 to 9 PM. Monday and Wednesday sessions will be located in Howe 1220 and focused on engineering content. Tuesday will be a lab session in Black 1020 which will be focused on Matlab. Remember that these sessions are completely free and open to all ME160 students regardless of professor!

My sessions will review lecture content, and work on reinforcing skills that show up in ME160 tests, common assessments, and quizzes. Sessions are designed to be fun and interactive experiences that involve plenty of group work, discussions, the occasional worksheet, and fun mini-Matlab projects. There will also be separate reviews before each major exam. Students are encouraged to bring laptops to all sessions. Come with questions about the lectures as well!

Please feel free to contact me through this webpage if you have any questions, and I hope to see you all at SI!


Final Exam Review Answer Key [PDF] - The answer key to the final review worksheet we covered on Wednesday.

Final Exam Review Worksheet [DOCX] - This is the final version of the final exam review worksheet. Please print it out and bring it to the session tonight, as I will have a limited number of copies on hand.

Thermal and Energy Systems Worksheet [DOCX] - Worksheet that was covered Mon. (12/4) on thermal and energy systems

Exam Review 2 Engineering Answers [PDF] - Answers to "Exam Review 2: Engineering"

Exam Review 2 MATLAB Answers [PDF] - Answers to "Exam Review 2: MATLAB"

Exam Review 2: MATLAB [DOCX] - The MATLAB portion of the review for ME160 exam 2

Exam Review 2 Code (Main) [M] - The answer to the matlab questions

Exam Review 2 Code (Function) [M] - The answer to the matlab questions

Exam Review 2 (11/6/17 and 11/7/17) [DOCX] - This is the engineering exam review document for ME160 Exam 2

Excel File for 10-31-17 Matlab Worksheet [XLSX] -

Exel File #2 for 10-31-17 Matlab Worksheet [XLSX] -

10-31-17 Matlab Worksheet [DOCX] -

10-30-17 Flow Regime Worksheet [DOCX] -

Matlab Exam Review File [M] -

While Loops and Vector Worksheet Answers (9/12/17) [PDF] -

Equilibrium and Moment Worksheet (9-11-17) [PDF] - The equilibrium and moment worksheet done on a day where most had a Chem 167 exam conflict. Message me or come to SI with any questions on this.

Equilibrium Worksheet (9-13-17) [PDF] - Worksheet that has to do with equilibrium problems. Problems 1 and 3 were done in-session.

Moment Program (9/12/17) [M] - The associated matlab file with the "While Loops and Vectors Worksheet (9/12/17)"

While Loops and Vectors Worksheet (9/12/17) [PDF] - A Matlab worksheet that will be used for tonight's session. Answer key will be posted after the session if you cannot attend.

Moments Worksheet (9/6/17) [PDF] - The moments equation worksheet used during the session on Wednesday. It should help prepare individuals for the quiz this coming Wednesday (Deza's section).

Moments Worksheet Solutions (9/6/17) [PDF] - Annotated solutions for the Moments Worksheet. If you have any questions, please don't hesitate to contact me.

Vector Addition In-Session Mini-Project [M] - This is the coding project the 9/5/17 session worked on in order to apply some basic Matlab principles and prepare for the quiz Wednesday. Of note, the angle output of this program does not specify quadrant so some analysis must still be done by the user

Vector Addition Worksheet (8/30/15) [PDF] - This was the worksheet used to reinforce vector addition concepts and introduce students to force equilibrium and other force concepts.