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Lecture: MWF 4:10pm
Instructor: Basnet

SI Leader: Ben V.

Weekly SI Sessions

Sunday 6:10pm @ Carver 0184
Tuesday 7:10pm @ Pearson 2125
Thursday 7:10pm @ Pearson 2125

About SI for this Course

Welcome to Math 267 SI! This is a FREE service for all students enrolled in Math 267.

We meet 3 times a week for 50 minutes each unless an announcement is posted about cancellations. I will post worksheets that go along with each SI session on this site for you to print off and work on in the sessions.

I'm really excited to work with you all throughout this semester and I hope you can all attend!


Practice Exam 3 is Posted

Hi all, I know you guys don't want to hear this right before break, but I have posted the worksheet for Exam 3 that we will go over in the exam review on the Sunday before the exam. Please print this off for the exam review. Have a good break!

SI Exam 3 Review

The third exam review for Math 267 SI will be taking place on Sunday, November 26 from 6:00-8:00 PM in Lebaron 1210. I understand that this is the Sunday after Thanksgiving, but I felt that this would be the best time to get everyone back into the mindset to prepare for the exam and give everyone time to work over the material covered in the exam. PLEASE BRING A COPY OF MY PRACTICE EXAM TO THE REVIEW. I will upload my practice exam before the Sunday of the review, hopefully before break for anyone willing to start early. Please bring a copy to the review as we will be doing a mock exam for the first hour of the review again. Gook luck to you all and have a great fall break!


Exam 3 Review Worksheet [DOCX] - A set of problems encompassing the third exam's material

Section 7.5 Worksheet [DOCX] - A worksheet over Dirac-Delta Functions

Section 7.4 Worksheet [DOCX] - A worksheet over Laplace Operational Properties

Section 7.3.2 Worksheet [DOCX] - A worksheet over Laplace Transforms shifting by T

Section 7.3.1 Worksheet [DOCX] - A worksheet over Laplace Transforms shifting by S

Section 7.2.2 Worksheet [DOCX] - A worksheet over Laplace Transforms with Derivatives

Section 7.2 Worksheet [DOCX] - A worksheet over Inverse Laplace Transform

Section 7.1 Worksheet [DOCX] - A worksheet over Introduction to Laplace Transform

Section 6.1 Worksheet [DOCX] - A worksheet over Reviewing Power Series

Exam 2 Review Answers [PDF] - The answers and work to the Exam 2 Review Worksheet

Exam 2 Review Worksheet [DOCX] - A worksheet over problems covered in Exam 2

Section 4.9-5.1 Worksheet [DOCX] - A worksheet over Elimination and Hooke's Law Story Problems

Section 4.7 Worksheet [DOCX] - A worksheet over Cauchy-Euler's Equation

Section 4.6 Worksheet [DOCX] - A worksheet over Variation of Parameters

Section 4.4 Worksheet [DOCX] - A worksheet over Method of Undetermined Coefficients

Section 4.3 Worksheet [DOCX] - A worksheet over Homogeneous Linear Equations with Constant Coefficients

Section 4.2 Woksheet [DOCX] - A worksheet over reduction of order

Exam Review Answers [PDF] - They are out of order, but all of the questions are there

Exam 1 Review Worksheet [DOCX] - A set of problems going over the first exam

Section 4.1 Worksheet [DOCX] - A worksheet over the beginnings of homogeneous and non-homogeneous equations

Section 3.2 Worksheet [DOCX] - A worksheet over nonlinear models

Section 3.1 Worksheet [DOCX] - A worksheet over Linear Models (Story Problems)

Section 2.5 Part 2 Worksheet [DOCX] - Another Worksheet Over Substitution and Bernoulli's Equations

Section 2.5 Worksheet [DOCX] - A worksheet over Homogeneous Substitution and Bernoulli Substitution

Section 2.4 Worksheet [DOCX] - A worksheet over Exact Differential Equations

Section 2.3-2.4 Worksheet [DOCX] - Primarily over Linear Equations with a small amount of Exact Equations

Section 2.3 Worksheet [DOCX] - A Worksheet over Solving Linear Equations

Section 2.1-2.2 Worksheet [DOCX] - A Worksheet over Direction Fields and beginning of Separable Equations

Section 1.1-1.3 Worksheet [DOCX] - Week 1 Overview