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Lecture: MWF 12:10pm
Instructor: D'Alessandro

SI Leader: Kim C.

Weekly SI Sessions

Monday 6:10pm @ Pearson 2131
Tuesday 6:10pm @ Pearson 2143
Thursday 5:10pm @ Pearson 2131

About SI for this Course

SI is a free opportunity to work with other classmates to develop learning skills. There will be a lot of group work and collaboration, so come ready to work with others.

Each session will be 50 minutes and will focus on reviewing topics from the previous lecture. I will post worksheets online before each session; please bring a print or electronic copy with you. We will work through these worksheets in sessions, so please attend if you want the answers.

Feel free to message me through the SI website if you have any questions. I hope to see you all at sessions throughout the semester!


Exam 1 Review

Hi everyone,

I hope your test preparation is going well! I will be holding an exam review on Tuesday 9/26 from 6:10-8:00pm in Carver 0205. I will post the review worksheet that I will be using this weekend. Please print this worksheet and bring it with you.

Our regular session on Thursday 9/28 will be cancelled.

The normal session on Monday 9/25 is going to be a Q&A session. Please bring any questions you have!

Feel free to message me if you have any questions!


9/21/17 Worksheet [PDF] - 4.4: Undetermined Coefficients Part 2

9/18/17 Worksheet [PDF] - Section 4.2: Reduction of Order

9/19/17 Worksheet [PDF] - Section 4.4: Undetermined Coefficients Part 1

9/12/17 Worksheet [PDF] - Section 4.3 Part 1: Constant Coefficients Second Order

9/14/17 Worksheet [PDF] - Section 4.3 Part 2: Constant Coefficients Higher Order

9/11/17 Worksheet [PDF] - General Skills Review

9/7/17 Worksheet [PDF] - Section 2.2-2.4 Review

9/5/17 Worksheet [PDF] - Section 2.4: Equations that can be made exact

8/31/17 Worksheet [PDF] - Section 2.4: Exact Equations

8/29/17 Worksheet [PDF] - Section 2.3: Linear Equations

8/28/17 Worksheet 2 [PDF] - Section 2.2: Separable Equations

8/28/17 Worksheet 1 [PDF] - Vocabulary Crossword