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Lecture: MWF 8:00am
Instructor: Jenkins

SI Leader: Tom

Weekly SI Sessions

Monday 6:10pm @ Carver 0298
Tuesday 6:10pm @ Carver 0298
Wednesday 8:10pm @ Carver 0298

About SI for this Course

Aww heck yes, it's time for Calc 3! Hey, everyone! I'm Tom, and I'm your SI leader for MATH 265!

Why try SI?
The SI program is a great way for straight-A students and struggling students alike to hone their knowledge and improve their grades (there's been shown to be an average of one letter grade higher for students who attend SI)!

Okay, so what are SI sessions like?
My sessions are very relaxed: we get together, do some math, laugh a bunch, and kick butt on quizzes and tests afterwards! I pull problems much like might be found on the homework, quizzes, or tests and we try them together.

Great, but what if I can't attend every session?
I post what problems we'll be looking at before every session -- if there's a problem you can't crack on your own, shoot me a message through the SI system and I'll try to help out!

As I like to say, a little work every day goes a long way in this class, and I want SI to help y'all work just a little bit better each day! Stop on by with a friend; give SI a try!



Exam 1 Review Sesh -- When Will It Be??

Hey, all!

So we've got an exam coming up on Monday, the 25th! I'd like to get in a solid review session to answer questions or just work through some problems together!

Some notes about a session:
>The session is 2 hours long
>The session will likely not be at the same time as a regular session
>The session will probably be in a different room from my regular sessions, but that remains to be seen
>This is a come-and-go session: you're not obligated to the whole two hours!

If everyone would like to take a moment an fill out this Doodle survey:

...that would rock! Select all the times you're comfortable with scheduling the session for! Please do note, I'll be very suspicious of any Friday or Saturday evening preferences (would y'all really wanna do math on a Friday or Saturday evening?), but I left them there for consistency.

Try to have this completed by Wednesday evening!


Tuesday, September 19th

Bring it aroound town! Bring-It-Aroooouund tooowwn!

I hope y'all have the image of Spongebob in your heads now.

Tonight's session will be some broad review of Chapter 13! As last night was in a game form, so to will tonight be game-based!

Um, Tom... What if I'm sick of your games?
I promise Wednesday night's session will cover in greater detail the more challenging problems (particularly from Ch. 12)! Bear with me for tonight -- I'm diversifying my portfolio of SI activities!

I've added a sheet for Chapter 13 problems that I think are reasonably pertinent to the exam in the Resources tab on my site. Check it out!

Remember to fill out my doodle for when you'd like an exam review!
I forgot to mention: no need to mention your name. That's up to your own preferences!


Monday, September 18

Howdy-ho, neighbor!

Tonight begins our review for the exam coming up on Monday, September 25th!
Tonight, we'll focus on Chapter 12! I've got a group-based review activity planned out, but in case that isn't your style or you want a one-up on the competition, I've posted a document containing all the problems I'll pull from for the night! Check below in the "Resources" of the page!

In other news...
Keep an eye out for some news regarding an exam review! I'll be collecting data to see what everyone would like to do!

Hope to see y'all tonight!


Chapter 13 Review Problems [PDF] - Problms from the book I'll be using for review!

Chapter 12 Review Problems [PDF] - Problms from the book I'll be using for review!