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Lecture: MWF 12:10pm
Instructor: Mayhook

SI Leader: Jacqueline R.

Weekly SI Sessions

Sunday 5:10pm @ Carver 0298
Tuesday 6:10pm @ Carver 0074
Thursday 5:10pm @ Pearson 2137

About SI for this Course

Hi y’all! SI is a great free service provided to you by the university. We will do different activities in my sessions including working on problems alone and in small groups, solving problems on white boards, and completing worksheets. My goal is that this provides y’all with extra practice time for the problems that you are struggling with or are a little trickier to figure out. You have the opportunity to attend 3 sessions a week that are specifically catered to you. This is not just for when you are struggling but is a great way to stay on track and feel confident in the material!


Thursday 12/7 review [DOCX] -

Final Exam Review [DOCX] -

Final Exam Review Solutions [PDF] -

Exam #2 review [DOCX] -

Exam #2 review solutions [PDF] -

11/16 WS (exam 2 review) [DOCX] -

11/16 solutions [PDF] -