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Lecture: MWF 2:10pm
Instructor: Young

SI Leader: Anna S.

Weekly SI Sessions

Sunday 5:10pm @ Carver 0184
Tuesday 7:10pm @ Pearson 2137
Thursday 5:10pm @ Pearson 2125

About SI for this Course

SI (supplemental instruction) is a free service that is catered to you, the student. SI provides students the opportunity to attend 3 out of class sessions each week for a challenging course they are enrolled in. It allows students to work with their peers in a collaborative setting and gives everyone extra practice with the content. I hope to see you all at my session!


Exam Review 3

Hey everyone! So this I will be holding an exam review for your exam on Monday in Michael's lecture. I tried to poll what you guys would like to see and I saw that everyone wanted to see trig problems and chain rule. I will try to incorporate those as much as I can into this review. The time and place for the exam review will be Sunday, September 24 from 8:10-10:00 PM in Coover 2245. That was the time that seemed to work best for everyone. If you can't make it to the entire review, please feel free to come for some of the time! I hope to see you all there. Thanks! Anna

Week 5

Hello everybody! So this week we will be doing a lot of derivative practice. We know all of our rules now, so we can put these to good use by just drilling them hard for our test next week. I will try to the best of my ability to hold an exam review! Remember our next session will be Tuesday from 7:10-8:00 in Pearson 2137. Spread the word! I hope to see you all there. Thanks, Anna


Hi everyone! So I have a very important announcement to make! I have an NEW SI SESSION TIME AND LOCATION. On Tuesdays, my sessions will no longer take place at 5:10 in Pearson 2125. My sessions will now be on TUESDAY 7:10-8:00 PM in PEARSON 2137. This was the next available time for everyone to make it to SI and I hope that you're all able to still make it. If not, don't forget there is still SI on Thursday from 5:10-6:00 in Pearson 2125 and on Sunday from 5:10-6:00 in Carver 0174. Please let me know if you have any questions!


Math 165 Position, Velocity, Acceleration Practice [PDF] -

Derivative Practice [DOCX] -

Math 165 Exam 2 Review [DOCX] -

Exam 2 Concepts to Know [DOCX] -

Squeeze Theorem [DOCX] -