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Lecture: MWF 11:00am
Instructor: Bolles

SI Leader: Riley B.

Weekly SI Sessions

Sunday 4:10pm @ Carver 0184
Monday 5:10pm @ Howe 1246
Wednesday 5:10pm @ Howe 1246

About SI for this Course

Hello and welcome to Math 165 SI! I'm Riley and I'm looking forward to meeting you all! Calculus can be a challenging course, and it's important to understand the content, as it will be the basis for your future Calculus classes. SI is a free resource that will help you solidify the concepts presented in lecture through active, group learning approaches.

There will be three 50-minute sessions each week, as well as review sessions before big exams. If you have any questions, don't hesitate to contact me and I'll get back to you as soon as possible. I'm excited to see you all in class and in sessions this semester!


Final Exam Review PPT [PDF] -

Exam 3 Review PPT [PDF] - 11-8-17 Powerpoint from Exam Review

Problems for Monday 8/28 [PDF] - Ch 2.1 - Average and Instantaneous Rate of Change