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Lecture: MF 12:10pm
Instructor: Cliber

SI Leader: Renee L.

Weekly SI Sessions

EXCEPTION: September 28, 2017 @ 5:10-6 PM: Session cancelled

Tuesday 6:10pm @ Howe 1226
Wednesday 4:10pm @ Howe 1226
Thursday 5:10pm @ Howe 1226

About SI for this Course

Hi Everyone! Welcome to Math 151 SI! I'm very excited to work with all of you this semester! Each week, I will host three review sessions that cover topics from lecture. I usually don't make worksheets but sessions are always fun and interactive! I will also host exam reviews before each exam. Please reach out with any questions you have! You can contact me through the SI website or find me in lecture. I can't wait to meet all of you!


SI Week 5 (9/19-9/21)

This week we have an Exam Review on Tuesday, 9/19, from 7:10-9 PM in Coover 2245. Please print off the exam review worksheet below and bring it with you to the review. SI on Wednesday is cancelled because of the Career Fair. Go and get internships and jobs! Thursday, 9/21, with be a Q&A session at 5:10 in Howe 1226. Come with any questions you have! Good luck on your exam!


Extra Practice - You can solve all the Continuity problems and all the Limit problems that don't have trig or absolute value signs

Exam 1 Review [PDF] - Worksheet