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SI Leader: Shannon R.

Weekly SI Sessions

Monday 7:10pm @ Howe 1246
Tuesday 7:10pm @ Howe 1246
Thursday 7:10pm @ Howe 1246

About SI for this Course

Hello Everyone! SI is a free service that students can use to enhance their learning skills and improve their performance in their classes. SI sessions will be held three times a week for 50 minutes.In my sessions, I will go over information that was covered in lectures to increase understanding and prepare students for exams. Special exam review sessions will be held throughout the semester as necessary. Contact me through the SI webpage with any questions!


SI Exam Review

Hello Everyone!
I will be holding an exam review on Monday (9/21) in Pearson 1106 from 6:10-8:00pm rather than my usual Monday session. Tuesday's session will then be cancelled for the exam and Thursday's session will be held at the normal time and place.
Hope to see you all there and good luck on the exam!

SI Topics

Hello Everyone!
This Thursday our session will be held at 6:10, rather than 7:10. We will still be meeting in the usual room, Howe 1246. This week we will be covering VBA programming and preparing for the first exam.
Hope to see you there!