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Lecture: MWF 2:10pm
Instructor: Rouse

SI Leader: Melanie C.

Weekly SI Sessions

Monday 5:10pm @ Carver 0074
Tuesday 5:10pm @ Carver 0074
Wednesday 5:10pm @ Carver 0074

About SI for this Course

Hello, and welcome to SI. SI is a useful tool for anyone whether you are struggling in the course or just wanting to reinforce material. Please come with any questions you have and I will be happy to answer them! We will mostly complete practice problems in groups to learn the material. If you miss a session and would like to know the problems we did, feel free to contact me. I look forward to seeing you all at sessions!


Final Exam Problem #3 [JPG] -

Final Exam Review Solutions [PDF] -

Final Exam Review [PDF] -

Exam #1 Spring 2017 [PDF] -

Exam #2 Spring 2017 [PDF] -

Exam #3 Spring 2017 [PDF] -

EM 274 SI Session Plans [PDF] - Here is my entire notebook from all my session plans from this semester. This has so many practice problems in it from all my sessions!!! Please use this resource for more examples. If you do not understand a problem or think I made a mistake message me!

My Exam #1 Spring 2017 [PDF] -

My Exam #2 Spring 2017 [PDF] - If there is work in pen on the page, that is the correct work!

Exam #2 Fall 2016 [PDF] -

My Exam #3 Spring 2017 [PDF] - If there is pen, the pen is the correct work

Exam #3 Fall 2016 [PDF] -

Exam #1 Fall 2016 [PDF] -

Shear&Moment and Centroid&MomentofInertia Practice #1 [PDF] -

Shear&Moment and Centroid&MomentofInertia Practice #2 [PDF] -

Problem #1 [PNG] -

Problem #2 [PNG] -

Problem 3 [PNG] -

Problem #4 [PNG] -

Extra Practice for Shear and Moment Diagrams [PDF] - Here are some extra problems for you guys! Highly recommend you try a few of them and if you have any questions, come ask me at any session!

Exam 2 [PDF] -