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Lecture: MWF 2:10pm
Instructor: Starns

SI Leader: Chaoyue (Sheryl) H.

Weekly SI Sessions

Monday 6:10pm @ Gilman 2109
Wednesday 6:10pm @ Hoover 1322
Thursday 5:10pm @ Gilman 2109

About SI for this Course

Hi EM 274 students! SI is a free review session held by three times per week. It is an opportunity for you to work with your classmates and learn by each other. Each session will be 50 minutes and worksheet will be utilized as well as engaged group activities.

The general content for my sessions will be a review of key concepts taught in lectures, solving some practices problems from Mastering Engineering, and a comprehensive review (e.g exam outline and old exams ) before each exam. The worksheets will be posted in the resources section in advance without the key. I would encourage you to solve problems with your classmates or by you own in the SI sessions.

I look forward to meeting you in a session and there will be free candies provided in a class.

If you have any question, please feel free to contact me through SI page.


Belt friction [PDF] -

exam review practice problems [PDF] -

Final Exam Review Worksheet [DOCX] - Please print it out! Thank you

Exam 3 Review Sheet [PDF] - Please Print it out

Shear Force & Moment Diagram [PDF] -

Exam 2 Review Sheet [PDF] - Please print it. I will not post the solution since it has old exams included.

Moment and Equation Review [PDF] -

exam 1 review worksheet [PDF] -

worksheet solution [PDF] -

Fina a resultant force in x-y plane [PDF] -

Find a resultant force in Cartesian system by projection [PDF] -

Equations Review of Chapter 1-2 [PDF] -

Dot Product [PDF] -