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Lecture: MWF 1:10pm
Instructor: Lograsso

SI Leader: Connor K.

Weekly SI Sessions

Monday 7:10pm @ Carver 0184
Tuesday 8:10pm @ Carver 0174
Thursday 4:10pm @ Howe 1304

About SI for this Course

Welcome EM 274 Students! SI is a free service provided for students who want to improve their understanding on important and difficult topics covered in the lecture. I will hold three 50 minute sessions every week and a review before each exam.

Sessions will usually consist of a worksheet with example problems, small group work, and large group review. I will not help with homework assignments and I will not just lecture at you but I will be able to answer any questions pertaining to the lecture and will have interactive activities to assist in learning the material.

If you have any questions feel free to contact me through the SI website. I look forward to seeing you all in class and meeting you at sessions throughout the semester!


Exam 3 Review Solutions [PDF] -

SI 11-14 Friction Solution [PDF] - Solution to friction problem 8-53 from 11-14 session

Exam 3 Review Problems [PDF] - Problem Statements for the review

SI(10-17)-Solutions [PDF] - Problems 5-17 and 4-119 worked out

Exam 2 Review- Solutions [PDF] - Solutions to Problems from Monday's (10/16) Review

Exam 2 Review [PDF] - Problem Statements for the review

9/25 Problem Statements [PDF] - Transmissibility and simplifying force-couple systems

Exam 1 Review-Solutions [PDF] - Solutions to Sp17 Exam 1 problems from Monday's Exam review

SI(9-19)-Solutions [PDF] - Solutions to problems from Tuesday's (9-19) session

Exam 1 Review [PDF] - Statics Exam 1 from last spring semester

EM 274 9/12 Worksheet [PDF] - 2-D and 3-D Moments

TI-84 solving systems of equations - Solve systems using matrices on calculator

EM 274 week one (ch2) [PDF] - vector basics and resultant forces