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Lecture: MWF 2:10pm
Instructor: Stanley

SI Leader: Beatrice H.

Weekly SI Sessions

Monday 6:10pm @ Pearson 2137
Tuesday 6:10pm @ Pearson 2137
Wednesday 6:10pm @ Pearson 2137

About SI for this Course

Organic Chemistry is a very difficult class, but with lots of practice it is definitely possible to master the content. My SI sessions will focus heavily on reactions and mechanisms, but will focus on learning and understanding instead of simply memorization. I will post worksheets online before the session; please print this worksheet out and bring it with you! In general, I will not post the answers to these online, but if you have certain questions you are always welcome to contact me through the SI website. I look forward to seeing you all!


Exam 4 Review and Cancellation Dates

Hey Chem 332 Students!
The SI Exam Review for exam 4 will be on Thursday, November 16th from 5:10 -7 pm in Design 101.
We will be working through a practice exam that I will post ahead of time, you may want to print it out and bring it to the session.
There will be no SI on Wednesday, November 15th due to Professor Stanley's exam review.
Also remember that there will be no SI during thanksgiving break, and also no SI on Monday, November 27th due to the exam before break. Sessions will begin normally again on Tuesday, November 28th. Hope to see you all this week at the review, but otherwise have a great break!


SI Practice Exam 4 [PDF] -

SI Practice Exam 4 Key [PDF] -

11/14 Diazonium West [PDF] -

11/13 Worksheet on 11/10 content [PDF] -

11/13 Partial Key [PDF] -

11/6 Aldol/Claisen Rxns [PDF] -

11/6 Ch. 22 Synthesis and Rxns [PDF] -

11/1 Aldol Wkst [PDF] -

SI Practice Exam 3 [PDF] -

SI Practice Exam 3 Key [PDF] -

10/24 Enol Worksheet [PDF] -

Concept Map of Ch. 21 Rxns from 10/23 [PDF] -

10/17 Carb. Acid Wkst. 3 [PDF] -

10/16 Carb. Acid Wkst 2 [PDF] -

10/11 Carb Acid Wkst. 1 [PDF] -

SI Practice exam 2 key [PDF] -

Exam 2 Practice Exam-PRINT FOR REVIEW SESSION 10/8 [PDF] -

10/4 wkst [PDF] -

10/4 wkst 2 [PDF] -

Ketone/Aldehyde Wkst 1 10/3 [PDF] -

EAS (electrophilic aromatic substitution) 9/27 [PDF] -

9/25 aromaticity 3 [PDF] - the final worksheet over ch 18

9/20 aromaticity 2 [PDF] -

9/19 aromaticity [PDF] -

Exam 1 Practice Exam-PRINT FOR REVIEW SESSION9/14 [PDF] -

Exam 1 Practice Exam KEY 9/14 [PDF] -

9/12 exam 1 review-synthesis and mechanism [PDF] -

9/11 conjugated pi systems [PDF] -

9/6 Worksheet [PDF] -

Ether Worksheet 9/5 [PDF] -

Chem 331 Alkene Rxn [PDF] - A list of all of the alkene reactions from 331 that you learned. You are responsible for this information, it may be helpful in synthesis problems in 332.

Chem 331 Halide Rxn [PDF] - A list of all of the halide reactions from 331 that you learned. You are responsible for this information, it may be helpful in synthesis problems in 332.

Alcohol Worksheet 8/28 [DOC] -