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Lecture: MWF 10:00am
Instructor: Zhao

SI Leader: Conner P.

Weekly SI Sessions

Sunday 4:10pm @ Gilman 2354
Tuesday 7:10pm @ Carver 0174
Thursday 7:10pm @ Carver 0184

About SI for this Course

Organic Chemistry can be quite difficult for most people, but if you attend SI it will be doable to get a good grade. I will be holding three, 50 minute long sessions throughout the week. In my sessions I plan on going over what was covered in lecture. I will make worksheets that will help you learn and understand the material. For instance naming molecules, resonance structures, mechanism, and synthesis problems. I will not post the answer keys to the worksheets, but the keys will be available at each sessions. I do plan on having two hour test reviews for each test and the final. If you have further questions about the topics covered in both lecture and SI please don't be afraid to contact me.


Correction for session 9/28/17

When I was going over what we did today Si session I realized that there a few errors. The first one was for the 1. The more stable structures are the ones with the methyl in the equatorial position because the methyl puts more strain on the cyclohexane than chlorine and oxygen (Look at Table 4.8). The second one was I number the methyl group as the highest priority when it should have been the third. I will post the correction.

Exam 2 Review

Exam 2 review will be on Sunday, October 1 at 4:10pm to 6:00pm in Carver 205

Errors in 9/5/17 worksheet

The first error was in question 1b. There should be a hydrogen on both the Boron and Nitrogen. The second error was in question 5. It should be a triple bonds instead of 4 bonds.


Session 11/2/17 and 11/5/17 [PDF] - Ch. 10

Session 10/26/17 [PDF] - Exam #3 Review

Exam # 3 Review Key [PDF] - Key

Session 10/22/17 [PDF] - Ch.9 again

Session 10/19/17 [PDF] - Ch.9 continued

Session10/17/17 [PDF] - Ch.9

Session 10/15/17 [PDF] -

Session 10/12/17 [PDF] - Alkenes/E2

Session 10/10/17 [PDF] -

Exam #2 Review [PDF] -

Exam #2 Review Key [PDF] -

session 9/28/17 [PDF] -

Session 9/26/17 [PDF] - More stereochemistry, nucleophiles, and electrophiles

Session 9/24/17 [PDF] - Stereochemistry

Session 9/19/17 [PDF] - Ring Flips and Chiral Centers

Session 9/14/17 [PDF] - More Naming, Isomer, and Newman Projections

Session 9/12/17 [PDF] - Naming Alkanes and isomers

Exam #1 Review Key [PDF] - I changed the structure of molecules in 6d and 8c to make the question solvable

Session 9/10/17 [PDF] - Exam #1 Review

Session 9/5/17 [PDF] - More resonance and Acid/Base

Session 8/31/17 [PDF] - Polarity and Resonance

SI session 8/29/17 [PDF] -