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Lecture: TR 11:00am
Instructor: Miller

SI Leader: Deborah A.

Weekly SI Sessions

Sunday 3:10pm @ Gilman 2104
Monday 4:10pm @ Gilman 2104
Wednesday 4:10pm @ Gilman 2104

About SI for this Course

Whether general chemisty is like a second language to you or not, SI is a great way to knock out some out-of-class study time - the recommended amount for any class is 3 hours per credit hour each week. My sessions will include mostly worksheets, some of which will be posted here before each session and are to be completed in session on both an individual and group basis. I will also try to incorporate other fun activities that will provide lots of practice of the concepts discussed in lecture. The answer keys (without solutions) to the posted worksheets will be made available the day I post exam reviews so if you'd like answers earlier, please attend SI. Feel free to contact me through the SI website to address any additonal questions or concerns!


Final Exam Review KEY [PDF] - Good luck on all your finals!

Worksheet 7.1 KEY [PDF] -

Final Exam Review [PDF] -

Worksheet 7.1 (sections 21.1-21.2 and 21.6) [PDF] - 11/29/17

11/27/17 Worksheet [DOCX] - The key to this won't be provided.

Exam 3 Review [PDF] -

Exam 3 Review KEY [PDF] -

Worksheets 4.2-6.3 KEYS [PDF] - Includes only the ones I've posted.

Worksheet 6.2 (sectons 19.3-19.6) [DOCX] - 11/8/17. I'll have copies available.

Worksheet 6.1(2) (sections 19.1-19.4) [DOCX] - 11/6/17

Worksheet 5.4(2) [DOCX] - 10/30/17

Worksheet 5.4 (sections 20.4-20.7 and 20.9) [DOCX] - 10/29/17

Worksheet 5.3 (sections 20.3-20.5) [DOCX] - 10/25. I'll have copies available.

Worksheet 5.2 (sections 20.2-20.4) [DOCX] - 10/22/17 worksheet.

Worksheet 5.1 (sections 20.1-20.2) [DOCX] - 10/18/17 worksheet.

Worksheet 4.2 (sections 17.3-17.4) [DOCX] - Worksheet for 10/16. This is an updated version of the other 4.2 worksheet, with a few different questions because we weren’t able to get through everything last Monday. Print if you'd like a hard copy.

Exam 2 Review KEY [PDF] - Good luck tomorrow!

Exam 2 Review [PDF] -

Worksheets 3.1-4.1 KEYS [PDF] -

Worksheet 4.1 (sections 17.1-17.2) [DOCX] - Worksheet for 10/8/17.

Worksheet 3.7 [DOCX] - 10/2/17's worksheet.

Worksheet 3.6 (sections 16.5-16.9 cont.) [DOCX] - Worksheet for 10/1/17. Please print or bring your laptop to pull up the worksheet.

Worksheet 3.5 (sections 16.5-16.9) [DOCX] - Worksheet for 9/27/17.

Worksheet 3.4 (sections 16.4-16.7) [DOCX] - Please print or bring your laptop to pull up the worksheet.

Worksheet 3.3 (sections 16.2-16.7) [DOCX] - Please print or bring your laptop to pull up the worksheet.

Worksheet 3.2 (sections 15.5 and 16.1-16.4) [DOCX] - Feel free to print out your own copy but I'll have some copies available.

Worksheet 3.1 [DOCX] -

Exam 1 Review [PDF] -

Exam 1 Review KEY [PDF] -

Worksheet 2.2 (sections 15.3 and 15.5-15.6) [DOCX] - Please print and bring with you.

Worksheet 2.1 (sections 15.1-15.2 and 15.4) [DOCX] - Worksheet for 9/6/17.

Worksheet 1.3 (sections 14.5-14.7 and 12.8) [DOCX] - Worksheet for 9/3/17. PLEASE PRINT AND BRING WITH YOU.

Worksheet 1.2 (sections 14.4-14.5) [DOCX] - Worksheet for today, August 30's session. Please print and bring with you.

Worksheet 1.1 (sections 14.1-14.3) [DOCX] - Worksheet for today, August 28th's SI session. Sorry to be posting it so late but I should be posting them at least a week early from now on.