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Lecture: TR 11:00am
Instructor: Miller

SI Leader: Deborah A.

Weekly SI Sessions

Sunday 3:10pm @ Gilman 2104
Monday 4:10pm @ Gilman 2104
Wednesday 4:10pm @ Gilman 2104

About SI for this Course

Whether general chemisty is like a second language to you or not, SI is a great way to knock out some out-of-class study time - the recommended amount for any class is 3 hours per credit hour each week. My sessions will include mostly worksheets, a majority of which will be posted here before each session and are to be completed in session on both an individual and group basis. I will also try to incorporate other fun activities that will provide lots of practice of the concepts discussed in lecture. The answer keys (without solutions) to the posted worksheets will be made available the day I post exam reviews so if you'd like answers earlier, please attend SI. Feel free to contact me through the SI website to address any additonal questions or concerns!


Standard Reduction EMF Values

My response to a student that may help others:

"The more negative the standard E red value is for a substance, the better a reducing agent it is (meaning that it leans a little more towards being oxidized), and the worse an oxidizing agent it is (meaning that it leans a little farther from being reduced). Remember that a reducing agent means the species that's oxidized in a redox reaction, and an oxidizing agent is the species that's reduced (opposite of what one would originally assume). So in a redox reaction, the species being oxidized would have the lower E red number and the species being reduced would have the higher E red number.

The above rule has to do with voltaic cells and spontaneous reactions. It does not apply when it comes to electrolysis/electrolytic cells because these deal with nonspontaneous reactions and require energy to complete. Basically yes, an electrolysis process is the opposite of everything stated above."

Week of 10/29/17

Happy Hallo/Hocoweekend!

Today's agenda is a worksheet and the rest of the week will consist of the same and/or a learning acitivity. Just a heads up that Wednesday's (11/1) worksheet/ativity will not be posted but SI will still be happening that day. So whenever a worksheet isn't posted for a session, it means that in-session is the only place it'll be available, not that that day's session has been cancelled. Cancelled sessions will be announced and typically only occur the session after an exam.

8/30's Session

Hey guys! So I have a couple of announcements.

1) I was a bit frazzled in today’s session (sorry about that) and for some reason, let y’all out a few minutes early because I thought our time was up. For anyone who was confused about that, SI ends at 4 pm on Sundays and 5 pm on Mondays and Wednesdays!

2) For the person who asked me about question 1c on the homework, a hint is to find Experiment 2’s rate of formation for Br2 and then relate this back to the rate of consumption for Br- by its stoichiometry/relative rates equation. Refer back to the slides for Lecture 2. Hope this helps and apologies for not having a clear answer at the session! I needed time to look over the problem first.

3) In terms of homework this semester, please utilize professor/TA office hours and the Chemistry Help Center in Gilman 1761 for further assistance! SI leaders try to steer clear of any class assignments in order to encourage students to take advantage of other resources.


Exam 3 Review [PDF] -

Exam 3 Review KEY [PDF] -

Worksheets 4.2-6.3 KEYS [PDF] - Includes only the ones I've posted.

Worksheet 6.2 (sectons 19.3-19.6) [DOCX] - 11/8/17. I'll have copies available.

Worksheet 6.1(2) (sections 19.1-19.4) [DOCX] - 11/6/17

Worksheet 5.4(2) [DOCX] - 10/30/17

Worksheet 5.4 (sections 20.4-20.7 and 20.9) [DOCX] - 10/29/17

Worksheet 5.3 (sections 20.3-20.5) [DOCX] - 10/25. I'll have copies available.

Worksheet 5.2 (sections 20.2-20.4) [DOCX] - 10/22/17 worksheet.

Worksheet 5.1 (sections 20.1-20.2) [DOCX] - 10/18/17 worksheet.

Worksheet 4.2 (sections 17.3-17.4) [DOCX] - Worksheet for 10/16. This is an updated version of the other 4.2 worksheet, with a few different questions because we weren’t able to get through everything last Monday. Print if you'd like a hard copy.

Exam 2 Review KEY [PDF] - Good luck tomorrow!

Exam 2 Review [PDF] -

Worksheets 3.1-4.1 KEYS [PDF] -

Worksheet 4.1 (sections 17.1-17.2) [DOCX] - Worksheet for 10/8/17.

Worksheet 3.7 [DOCX] - 10/2/17's worksheet.

Worksheet 3.6 (sections 16.5-16.9 cont.) [DOCX] - Worksheet for 10/1/17. Please print or bring your laptop to pull up the worksheet.

Worksheet 3.5 (sections 16.5-16.9) [DOCX] - Worksheet for 9/27/17.

Worksheet 3.4 (sections 16.4-16.7) [DOCX] - Please print or bring your laptop to pull up the worksheet.

Worksheet 3.3 (sections 16.2-16.7) [DOCX] - Please print or bring your laptop to pull up the worksheet.

Worksheet 3.2 (sections 15.5 and 16.1-16.4) [DOCX] - Feel free to print out your own copy but I'll have some copies available.

Worksheet 3.1 [DOCX] -

Exam 1 Review [PDF] -

Exam 1 Review KEY [PDF] -

Worksheet 2.2 (sections 15.3 and 15.5-15.6) [DOCX] - Please print and bring with you.

Worksheet 2.1 (sections 15.1-15.2 and 15.4) [DOCX] - Worksheet for 9/6/17.

Worksheet 1.3 (sections 14.5-14.7 and 12.8) [DOCX] - Worksheet for 9/3/17. PLEASE PRINT AND BRING WITH YOU.

Worksheet 1.2 (sections 14.4-14.5) [DOCX] - Worksheet for today, August 30's session. Please print and bring with you.

Worksheet 1.1 (sections 14.1-14.3) [DOCX] - Worksheet for today, August 28th's SI session. Sorry to be posting it so late but I should be posting them at least a week early from now on.