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Lecture: MW 1:10pm
Instructor: Huang

SI Leader: Ethan B.

Weekly SI Sessions

Monday 6:10pm @ Gilman 2104
Tuesday 6:10pm @ Gilman 2104
Wednesday 6:10pm @ Gilman 2104

About SI for this Course

SI is an opportunity for you to review material covered in lecture and prepare for exams. Each session will be 50 minutes, involving activities on both an individual and collaborative basis to reinforce the key concepts of Chem 178. I look forward to seeing you at SI this semester!


Wednesday (9/20)

Hello all,
I hope your test went well today! Just a reminder-- there is no SI this evening. We'll start back up like normal on Monday. Have a good rest of the week!

Exam I

Hello all,
Hope your weekend is going well! Just a quick outline for the week: SI tomorrow (Monday) and Tuesday just like normal, but no session on Wednesday since you will have just rocked the first test! See you all tomorrow.

Exam I Review Today

Dear Chem 178 students,
Today I will be holding a review session from 5:10-7:00 at LeBaron 1210 over the material we will have covered up through today's lecture. Hope to see you there!

Chem 178 SI Schedule

Hello all! The SI schedule for Chem 178 has been finalized:

Monday 6:10 pm @ Gilman 2104
Tuesday 6:10 pm @ Gilman 2104
Wednesday 6:10 pm @ Gilman 2104

In tomorrow's session (8/28) we will be covering some difficult concepts from Chapter 13. Hope to see you there!


Worksheet 6-7 Key [PDF] -

Worksheet 8-9 Key [PDF] -

Exam I Review Key [PDF] -

Worksheet 9 (Chapter 15) - 9/19 [DOCX] -

Worksheet 8 (Chapter 15) - 9/18 [DOCX] -

Exam I Review - 9/13 [DOCX] -

Worksheet 6 (Chapter 14-15) - 9/11 [DOCX] -

Worksheet 7 (Chapter 13-15) - 9/12 [DOCX] -

Worksheet 5 (Chapter 14) - 9/6 [DOC] -

Worksheet 4-5 Key [PDF] -

Worksheet 4 (Chapter 14) - 9/5 [DOCX] -

Worksheet 3 (Chapters 13-14) [DOC] -

Worksheet 1-3 Key [PDF] -

Worksheet 2 (Chapters 13-14) [DOC] -

Worksheet 1 (Chapter 13) [DOC] - Print a copy if you would like, otherwise you can read off the screens at the session.