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Lecture: MWF 3:10pm
Instructor: Meyer

SI Leader: Tyler S.

Weekly SI Sessions

Tuesday 7:10pm @ Howe 1226
Wednesday 8:10pm @ Carver 0184
Thursday 7:10pm @ Howe 1226

About SI for this Course

My sessions will generally follow this format: 10 minutes for Q&A and practice problems, 30 minutes for the planned activity covering material from the last lecture, and 10 minutes to go over answers and do more Q&A. My goal is to help prepare all of you for solving the problems on your homeworks, quizzes, and exams while also providing real life context to problems when possible to help deepen your appreciation for chemistry.


11/9 Worksheet [DOCX] -

Born Haber Cycle [PDF] -

Exam Review 2 Extra Questions [DOCX] -

Molarity and Empirical/Moleculat Formula Worksheet [DOCX] -