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SI Leader: Zach N.

Weekly SI Sessions

Tuesday 6:10pm @ Howe 1246
Wednesday 6:10pm @ Howe 1246
Thursday 7:10pm @ Howe 1220


Final Exam Review [DOCX] -

Final Exam Review Solutions [PDF] -

VBA Worksheet 3 [DOCX] - Loops

VBA Worksheet 4 [DOCX] - Input/Output

VBA Worksheet 1 [DOCX] - Syntax and basic functions

VBA Worksheet 2 [DOCX] - Focusing on Loops

Exam 2 Review KEY [PDF] - Key to our review on 11/12

Exam 2 Review [DOCX] - MATLAB and Econ Review

Engineering Econ 3 [DOCX] - Economic Decision Making

Engineering Econ 2 [DOCX] - More engineering econ

Engineering Econ 1 [DOCX] - Practice on introductory level econ questions

For and While Loops [DOCX] - For and while loop problems

Matlab Intro [DOCX] - Matlab worksheet 1

Exam 1 Review KEY [PDF] - Answers to Exam 1 Review

Material Balance 3 [DOCX] - Another Material Balance practice problem

Exam 1 Review [DOCX] - Review for exam 1

Material Balance DOF [DOCX] - Material balance problems with a focus on DOF

Material Balance 1 [DOCX] - Introductory material balance problems