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Lecture: TR 8:00am
Instructor: Jurik

SI Leader: Steven F.

Weekly SI Sessions

Monday 3:10pm @ Pearson 1106
Tuesdady 6:10pm @ Gilman 2354
Wednesday 7:10pm @ Carver 0298

About SI for this Course

Hello ecology students!

Welcome to BIO/A ECL 312 Supplemental Instruction. For those of you unaware of what SI is, it is a chance for students in their given classes to meet outside of class in a light fun setting, structured by myself, where we go over lecture information, questions you may have, future exams and quizzes, and pretty much anything else you want.

A fair warning though, this is not a means by which I simply go over answers or give you test questions or something like that. My job is to facilitate an environment where you can learn how to learn the information in this class.

This is the second time SI is offered for this course, and I believe it was a big success last year. So please attend sessions and I will do everything in my power and more to help you with any questions or struggles you have about this course.

We will be going over in-class questions, I may make up some work sheets, there will be plenty of group learning activities, some games, and I may bring in candy once in a while. This is meant to be a fun atmosphere in which to better understand Ecology, and i will strive to keep it as such.


Final Exam Jeopardy! [PPTX] - Use this to focus your studies, but study other material as well. Stewart's last two lectures aren't on here so make sure you focus on those as well.

Quiz 6 Review LOQ's [DOC] - Use these to focus your studies

Quiz 5 Jeopardy [PPTX] -

Quiz 5 Jeopardy questions [DOC] - The lecture objective questions I made the jeopardy review from

Quiz 4 Review [DOC] - This is a collection of learning objective questions from the various lectures. Use this to guide your studies, not as your main study source.

F17 BIOL 312 Midterm Practice Exam [DOC] - This is to give you a taste of what the exam will look like. Although these are not the same questions you will see on your midterm, they are written in the same format. Please bring/have access to this for the exam review session. You will be "tested."

F17 Midterm Jeopardy! [PPTX] - I have here a jeopardy game with questions of my own design to help focus your study habits. Do NOT use this as your only study source, it is only meant to guide you.

Quiz 3 Review [DOC] - These are some LOQ's gathered together and organized by lecture. Email me with questions about them

Bio 312 Quiz 2 Review [DOCX] - These are simply your lecture objective questions that we tried to go over in today's session. Try to answer all of them to the best of your ability, and email me with ANY questions you may have.

Tuesday Sep. 5 Worksheet [DOCX] - Sorry for the delay in posting these, here are some questions I prepared as quiz-esque prep. Most of these are taken from your learning objective questions.