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Lecture: TR 12:40pm
Instructor: Colbert

SI Leader: Jessica K

Weekly SI Sessions

Tuesday 6:10pm @ Pearson 1106
Wednesday 5:10pm @ Carver 0174
Friday 3:10pm @ Carver 0298

About SI for this Course

Hello everyone and welcome to Biology 211!

SI is amazing because you are able to learn on your own and alongside your classmates. It's a great opportunity to work together and analyze what you learned in class. I will not be lecturing you or giving you the answers; I will be facilitating/assisting learning when you need it.

My sessions for this course, Biology 211, will be 50 minutes long and usually involve practice worksheets, group/partner work, interactive games and more that targets the key information you learned in the previous lecture. There will also be exam reviews before each exam. I will not discuss any new information during my sessions. I will do my best to help you truly understand the topics that are discussed by Professor Colbert in lecture.

If you have any questions, don't be afraid to contact me through the SI website. I'm always willing to help! I will not post answers to every worksheet, so come to the sessions! I'm excited to share my Biology knowledge with you and hope to see you all at sessions throughout the semester.


Exam 7 Practice Exam [DOCX] -

Exam 7 Practice Exam KEY [DOCX] -

Exam 7 Jeopardy [PPT] -

Unit 7 Worksheet 1 KEY [DOCX] -

Unit 7 Worksheet 2 KEY [DOCX] -

Unit 7 Worksheet 2 [DOCX] -

Unit 7 Worksheet 1 [DOCX] -