BIOL 211 Supplemental Instruction

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Lecture: MWF 3:10pm
Instructor: Boury

SI Leader: Leah C.

Weekly SI Sessions

Sunday 5:10pm @ Gilman 2104
Tuesday 7:10 pm @ Gilman 2104
Thursday 8:10pm @ Gilman 2104

About SI for this Course

Supplemental instruction is a way for students to obtain free help with difficult courses. Sessions will last about 50 minutes, and group work involving worksheets will be the most common form of working through the course material during these meetings.

We will review the material that is introduced in lecture, and hopefully build understanding about more complex concepts. Answers to the worksheets will not usually be posted, but questions about previous worksheets can be addressed before each session begins, or at the end of each session.

I'm looking forward to Biology 211 with all of you this semester!


Exam 1 Review [DOC] -

Session 1 [DOCX] -

Session 2 [PDF] - Vocab cross word

Session 2 [PDF] - Worksheet

Session 3 [DOC] -

Session 4 [DOC] -

Session 5 [PDF] -

Session 6 [PDF] -

Session 7 [DOC] -