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Lecture: MWF 9:00am
Instructor: Biederman

SI Leader: Shaelyn A.

Weekly SI Sessions

Monday 4:10pm @ Carver 0298
Wednesday 3:10pm @ Pearson 2143
Thursday 4:10pm @ Sweeney 1160

About SI for this Course

On this page you can find announcements about where/when sessions are, worksheets, and other resources to help you study for biology 211! Feel free to contact me via the SI website with any questions you have, and I'll be happy to help!


Exam 6 Kahoot Game -

Exam 6 Practice Exam KEY [DOCX] -

Exam 6 Kahoot (take two) - It has come to my attention that the first kahoot game link didn't work..try this out!

Chapter 53 Worksheet [DOCX] -

Chapter 53 Kahoot Game -

Exam 6 Practice Exam [DOCX] -

Chapter 52 Worksheet [DOCX] -

Chapters 51 and 52 Worksheet [DOCX] -

Chapters 49 and 51 Worksheet [DOCX] -

Exam 5 Kahoot Game -

Exam 5 Practice Exam [DOCX] -

Chapter 24 Part 2 Worksheet [DOCX] -

Chapters 23 and 24 Kahoot Game -

Chapters 23 and 24 Worksheet [DOCX] -

Chapter 22 Kahoot -

Chapter 22 Mini Practice Exam [DOCX] -

Chapter 22 Worksheet [DOCX] -

Exam 4 Practice Exam [DOCX] -

Chapter 14 Worksheet [DOCX] -

Meiosis Graphic KEY [JPG] -

Mitosis Graphic KEY [PNG] -

Meiosis and Mitosis Kahoot Game -

Blank Mitosis Practice Graphic [PNG] -

Meiosis Blank Practice Graphic [JPEG] -

Chapter 13 Worksheet [DOCX] -

Chapter 12 Worksheet [DOCX] -

Exam 3 Kahoot Game -

Exam 3 Practice Exam [DOCX] -

Chapter 28 Parts Three and Four Worksheet [DOCX] -

Chapter 28 Jeopardy [PPT] -

Chapter 28 Part Two Worksheet [DOCX] -

Chapter 28 Kahoot -

Chapter 28 Worksheet [DOCX] -

Blank Alternation of Generations Practice Diagram [PNG] - Practice filling this in to study alternation of generations!

Alternation of Generations Diagram Key [PNG] -

Exam 2 Kahoot -

Exam 2 Practice Exam [DOCX] - Here is the practice exam we will be going over tomorrow in our session. If you are going to be at the session tomorrow, WAIT UNTIL THEN TO DO IT PLEASE :) I am just posting this for the people who aren't able to make it. We will also be playing a kahoot

31, 32 [DOCX] - Chapters 31 and 32 Worksheet

Chapters 30 and 31 Worksheet [DOCX] -

Blank Phylogenetic Tree [PNG] - Here's the tree that we practice with at the beginning of sessions!

Chapter 30 and 31 Kahoot Game -

Chapter 30 Worksheet [DOCX] -

Animal Phylogenetic Tree [PNG] - Here is the phylogenetic tree you should print off for class! It will be very helpful in understanding the synapomorphies that Dr. Biederman will talk about. We will also review this quite frequently at SI sessions to make sure we have it mastered!

Exam 1 Jeopardy Game [PPT] -

Chapter 29 Worksheet [DOCX] - Here is the worksheet we will work on in today's session (9/11)

Exam 1 Practice Exam [DOCX] - Here is the practice exam I made. If you are going to come to the exam review, please wait to do this until you are at the review! I just wanted to post this in case there are people unable to make it to the review who still want to take the practice exam

Fungi Reproductive Cycle [PNG] -

Chapter 27 and 29 Worksheet [DOCX] - Here is the worksheet we will be doing in today's session (9/7). It covers the last part of chapter 27 as well as the first part of chapter 29.

Chapter 27 Kahoot Game - Here is the link for the kahoot game that we played in today's session

Chapter 27 Worksheet [DOCX] - Here is the worksheet we will do in the session on 9/6 over the first part of chapter 27

Board Game Questions [DOCX] - Here is the sheet we used for the board game on 8/31!

Chapter 26 Worksheet [DOCX] - Here is the worksheet for our session today, 8/30/17. It covers the second half of chapter 26!

Jeopardy Game Review [PPTX] - Here is the jeopardy game that reviews topics from chapters 1, 25, and 26!

Chapters 1,25, and 26 summary worksheet [DOCX] - Here is the worksheet we will be doing in tomorrow's session (8/31). It is a summary of the most important things from chapters 1, 25, and 26.

Chapters 1, 25, 26 Worksheet [DOCX] - This is the worksheet for what we have covered so far in lecture through chapter 26! You can either print it before you come to the session or just download it and complete it on your laptop!

Biology 211 Study Tips [DOCX] - Hi friends! I made a document of some of the study tips that I felt most helpful in getting through biology 211!