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Lecture: MWF 10:00am
Instructor: Kowalko

SI Leader: Josh B.

Weekly SI Sessions

Sunday 5:10 pm @ Carver 0074
Monday 3:10 @ Carver 0074
Wednesday 4:10pm @ Carver 0074


SI for week of 9/24

Hello everyone! The session on Sunday the 24th will serve as a Q&A and work time session. A substitute SI Leader, Chelsea, will be there to help! The session on Monday the 25th is cancelled. Wednesday's session should be held as normal, but I will let you know if anything changes. Thanks and have a great weekend!

No Session Today

There will be no SI session today, the 20th.


Week of 9/24

Sunday 9/24 - Q&A and work time (this session will be hosted by a substitute - Chelsea) Monday 9/25 - This session is cancelled Wednesday 9/27 - TBD


Exam Review - Key [DOCX] -

Exam Review [DOCX] -

Photosynthesis [DOCX] -

Fermentation/Photosynthesis [DOCX] -

Cellular Respiration [DOCX] -

Cell Membrane and Cell Transport [DOCX] -

Biological Molecules and Cell Structure [DOCX] -

BIOL 101 SI Worksheet - 8/28/17 (Borwick/Kowalko) [DOCX] -