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Lecture: MWF 9:00am
Instructor: Koltes

SI Leader: Chelsea P.

Weekly SI Sessions

Monday 5:10pm @ Carver 0184
Wednesday 5:10pm @ Pearson 2131
Thursday 7:10pm @ Carver 0074

About SI for this Course

SI is a valuable learning resource that is intended to enhance student understanding of course material. Each session will last for 50 minutes and during this time students will work collaboratively on worksheets that review material covered in lecture. 2 hour exam reviews will be held prior to each exam.

While worksheets for each session will be posted for students to print off, keys to worksheets will not be posted. Therefore, attendance is essential! If you have additional questions regarding worksheets or topics covered in class, please message me through the SI website.

I look forward to sharing my passion of animal anatomy and physiology with you all!


12/8 Lecture Review [DOCX] -

Practice Final Exam KEY [DOCX] -

Practice Final key p1 [JPG] -

Practice Final key p2 [JPG] -

Practice Final Key p3 [JPG] -

Practice Final key p4 [JPG] -

Practice Final key p5 [JPG] -

Practice Final key p6 [JPG] -

Practice Final key p7 [JPG] -

Practice Final key p8 [JPG] -

Practice Final key p9 [JPG] -

Practice Final Quiz [DOCX] -

SI Worksheet 12/4 [DOCX] -

Practice Final Exam [DOCX] - Please bring to 12/6 exam review

Final Exam Review Powerpoint [PPTX] - A cumulative review of this semester's topics

Practice Exam 4 KEY [DOCX] -

Hypothalamic Pituitary Gonadal Axis [PDF] -

Exam 4 Key p1 [PDF] -

Exam 4 Key p2 [PDF] -

Exam 4 Key p3 [PDF] -

Exam 4 Key p4 [PDF] -

Exam 4 Key p5 [PDF] -

Exam 4 Key p6 [PDF] -

Exam 4 Key p7 [PDF] -

REPRO 4 [DOC] - Please bring to 11/27 session

Practice Exam 4 [DOCX] - Please complete and bring to 11/29 review session

REPRO 3 [DOC] - Please bring to 11/16 session

REPRO 2 [DOC] - Please bring to 11/15 session

REPRO 1 [DOC] - Please bring to 11/13 session

PDF of O2 and CO2 Transport [PDF] - Check out this awesome picture illustrating O2 and CO2 movement made by one of your peers!

WATCH THIS-This video does an outstanding job explaining in pictures CO2 transport and the chloride shift! -

EXTRA SI WS (completed) [DOC] - Here is an additional respiratory review worksheet (completed) to use as a study tool!

RESP 4 [DOC] - Please bring to 11/8 session

Repro Quiz Review [DOCX] - Use this to review for Friday's quiz!

RESP 3 [DOC] - Please bring to 11/6 session

RESP 2 [DOC] - Please bring to 11/2 session

RESP 1 [DOC] - Please bring to 11/1 session

Crash Course-Respiratory System - A fun video to help prep you guys for tomorrow's quiz!

Practice Exam 3 KEY [DOCX] -

R&I p1 [JPG] -

R&I p2 [JPG] -

R&I p3 [JPG] -

R&I p4 [JPG] -

R&I p5 [JPG] -

R&I p6 [JPG] -

R&I p7 [JPG] -

R&I p8 [JPG] -

RENAL & IMMUNE [DOC] - Please bring to 10/26 session

Explanation of Counter-Current Multiplier - Brief 5 minute video explaining the countercurrent multiplier of the kidney

IMMUNE 2 [DOC] - Please bring to 10/25 session

IMMUNE 1 [DOC] - Please bring to 10/23 session

Renal Self Quiz [DOCX] -

Practice Exam 3 [DOCX] - Please bring to 10/29 review

Immune System Quiz Review [DOCX] -

Cells of the Immune System [DOCX] -

RENAL 2 [DOC] - Please bring to 10/19 session

RENAL 1 [DOC] - Please bring to 10/18 review session

Renal System Quiz Review [DOCX] -

Exam #2 KEY [DOCX] - My apologies for the delay! Had some technology issues after tonight's review. The annotated version will be up shortly!

Exam 2 p1 [JPG] -

Exam 2 p2 [JPG] -

Exam 2 p3 [JPG] -

Exam 2 p4 [JPG] -

Exam 2 p5 [JPG] -

Exam 2 p6 [PDF] -

Exam 2 p7 [JPG] -

Exam 2 p8 [JPG] -

Exam 2 p9 [JPG] -

Exam 2 p10 [JPG] -

Exam 2 p11 [JPG] -

CV System 2 [DOC] - Please bring to 10/9 session

Practice Exam 2 [DOCX] - Please bring to 10/11 review session

CV System 1 [DOCX] - Please bring to 10/4 session

CV System Quiz Review [DOCX] - Take a look at this to help prepare for tomorrow's quiz!

Self-quiz [DOCX] - Muscle self quiz from last night

MUSCLE 3 [DOC] - Please bring to 10/2 session

MUSCLE 2 [DOC] - Please bring to 9/27 session

Excitation Contraction Coupling [JPG] - Explanation of EC Coupling (Sorry I know I wrote the title background on the document!)

MUSCLE 1 [DOC] - Please bring to 9/25 session

Kahoot Questions [DOCX] - Questions reviewing synapses from the nervous system

Muscle System Definitions [DOCX] -

Respiratory System Review [DOCX] -

Muscular System Quiz Review [DOCX] - Review for tomorrow's quiz

NERVOUS 3 [DOCX] - Please bring to 9/21 session

Helpful Action Potential Crash Course Video - Check out this short crash course video to better understand action potentials!

NERVOUS 2 [DOCX] - Please bring to 9/20 session

Graph of Action Potential [JPG] - Here is the last page from tonight's session!

NERVOUS 1 [DOCX] - Please bring to 9/18 session

Nervous System Quiz Review [DOCX] - Study to prepare for tomorrow's quiz

Practice Exam KEY p1 [JPG] -

Practice Exam KEY p2 [JPG] -

Practice Exam KEY p3 [JPG] -

Practice Exam KEY p4 [JPG] -

Practice Exam KEY p5 [JPG] -

Practice Exam KEY p6 [JPG] -

Practice Exam KEY p7 [JPG] -

Practice Exam KEY p8 [JPG] -

PRACTICE EXAM 1 KEY (non-annotated version) [DOCX] -

DIGESTIVE 2-KEY (Page 1) [PDF] - Since we did not get through all of last night's worksheet, please make sure you look through this

Digestive 2-Key (Page 2) [PDF] - Since we did not get through all of last night's worksheet, please make sure you look through this

DIGESTIVE 2 [DOC] - Please bring to 9/11 session

Practice Exam 1 [DOCX] - Please bring to 9/13 exam review

ENDOCRINE & DIGESTIVE REVIEW [DOC] - Please bring to 9/7 session

DIGESTIVE 1 [DOC] - Please bring to tonight's session


ENDOCRINE 3 [DOC] - Please bring to 8/31 session

ENDOCRINE 2 [DOCX] - Please bring to 8/30 session

Hormone Matrix [PDF] - Review of all hormones you will need to know for exam 1

ENDOCRINE 1 [DOC] - Please bring to 8/28 session