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Lecture: TR 8:00am
Instructor: Clem

SI Leader: Jennifer K.

Weekly SI Sessions

Monday 5:10pm @ Pearson 2131
Wednesday 4:10pm @ Pearson 2131
Thursday 4:10pm @ Pearson 2143

About SI for this Course

My name is Jennifer and I will be your Supplemental Instruction Leader. I will offer three 50 minute sessions every week. I encourage all of you to fill out the scheduling survey to ensure that at least one of the sessions will fit into your schedule. I plan on using worksheets to cover what has been discussed in the lecture previous to the session each day. Thus, each SI session will be different. Please print the worksheet prior to each session. I am more than willing to help you on a previous worksheet if you were not able to come to a session. If you have any questions please do not hesitate to contact me via the SI website. I am looking forward to a great semester and meeting all of you!


Final Pratice Exam Answers [DOCX] -

FINAL EXAM REVIEW - December 6th & 7th [DOCX] -

Chapter Eleven Worksheet (2) - November 30th [DOCX] -

Chapter Eleven Worksheet - November 29th [DOCX] -

SI Exam Review Three - For November 12th and 15th [DOCX] -

Chapter Ten Worksheet - November 9th [DOCX] -

Chapter Nine Worksheet (2) - November 8th [DOCX] -

Chapter Nine Worksheet - November 2nd [DOCX] -

Chapter Eight Worksheet (2) - November 1st [DOCX] -

Chapter Eight Worksheet (2) - November 1st (Answer to Question 4) [DOCX] - This includes the answer to question number four.

Chapter Eight Worksheet - October 26th [DOCX] -

Exam Review Two - For October 15th & 18th [DOC] -

Chapter Seven Worksheet - October 12th [DOCX] -

Chapter Six Worksheet (3) - October 11th [DOCX] -

Chapter Six Worksheet (2) - October 9th [DOCX] -

SI Exam Review Dates and Times [DOCX] -

Chapter Six Worksheet - October 5th [DOCX] -

Chapter Four Worksheet (3) - September 27th [DOCX] -

Chapter Four Worksheet (2) - September 25th [DOCX] -

Chapter Four Worksheet - September 21st [DOCX] -

Exam Review One - For September 13th & 14th [DOCX] - Please note that this is different from the practice exam given to you by your professor.

Chapter Two Worksheet (2) - September 7th [DOCX] -

Chapter Two Worksheet - September 6th [DOCX] -

Chapter One Warm-up - September 6th [DOCX] -

Chapter One Worksheet (3) - August 31st [DOCX] -

Chapter One Worksheet (2) - August 30th [DOCX] -

Income Statement Accounts PowerPoint Flash Cards [PPTX] -

Chapter One Worksheet [DOCX] -

Balance Sheet Accounts PowerPoint Flash Cards [PPTX] -