Supplemental Instruction


Welcome to the online SI schedule to view days, times, and locations for SI sessions!
  • SI sessions for Fall 2018 begin Monday, August 27, 2018. Specific days, times, and locations for SI sessions will be posted Friday, August 24, 2018. Click on your course below to find the specific days/times for sessions.
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  • My course is not listed. What can I do for help? We recommend that you consider applying for a tutor.

Fall 2018 Supplemental Instruction Schedule

Course Course Time Instructor Leader(s)
A ECL/BIOL 312 TR 8:00am Russell Dalton C.
A ECL/BIOL 365 MWF 9:00am Adams Ben W.
ACCT 284 TR 9:30am Clem Madison H.
ACCT 284 TR 12:10pm Kreiser Sarah H.
AN S 214 MWF 9:00am Koltes Kat G.
BIOL 211 MWF 9:00am Biederman Jenny V.
BIOL 211 MWF 2:10pm Boury Ema M.
BIOL 211 MWF 3:10pm Stewart Tessa
BIOL 211 TR 12:40pm Colbert Shaelyn A.
BIOL 212 MWF 1:10pm Kukday Qiuhan(Elena) J.
BIOL 212 TR 9:30am Kukday Clare K.
BIOL 255 MWF 8:00am Manz Maura S.
BIOL 255 TR 8:00am Haen Tyler F.
BIOL/GEN 313 MWF 12:10pm Rodermel Noelle G.
CHEM 163 MWF 8:00am Duenas Hailey D.
CHEM 167 MWF 2:10pm Bonaccorsi Britt B.
CHEM 167 MWF 3:10pm Rossini James M.
CHEM 177 MWF 1:10pm Holme Kia B.
CHEM 177 MWF 9:00am Awino Matt H.
CHEM 177 MWF 11:00am Holme Sparsh A.
CHEM 178 MW 1:10pm Miller Deborah A.
CHEM 231 MWF 11:00am Appy Daniel C.
CHEM 331 MWF 10:00am Zhao Joe S.
CHEM 331 TR 2:10pm Winter Alec M.
CHEM 331 MWF 10:00am Jenks Spydel N.
CHEM 332 MWF 2:10pm Stanely Conner P.
E M 274 MWF 2:10pm Sturges Mark T.
ECON 101 All Sections All Instructors Luis G.
ENGR 160 All Section All Instructors Madeline
FS HN 167 MWF 3:10pm Martin Maddie M.
MATH 143 MW 1:10pm Basnet Jonah B.
MATH 151 MF 3:10pm McCullough Michael S.
MATH 160 MTRF 8:00am Camrud Layton H.
MATH 165 MWF 9:00am Bolles Kyle H.
MATH 165 MWF 11:00am Johnston Andrew H.
MATH 165 MWF 12:10pm Barloon Jacqueline E.
MATH 165 MWF 10:00am Castillo-Gil Connor K.
MATH 166 MWF 12:10pm Butler Joseph N.
MATH 166 MWF 1:10pm Mayhook Lucas M.
MATH 265 MWF 8:00am Catanzaro Tom M.
MATH 265 MWF 2:10pm Barloon Monte
MATH 265 MWF 4:10pm Hartwig Melanie C.
MATH 265 MWF 4:10pm Blumen Sean M.
MATH 267 MWF 2:10pm Wu Ali W.
ME 231 TR 9:30am Montazami Will H.
PHYS 111 TR 11:00am Furukawa Joel S.
PHYS 221 MWF 8:00am Ho Nick S.
PHYS 221 MWF 9:00am Ho Oojas
PHYS 221 MWF 10:00am Herrera Michael Z.
PHYS 222 MWF 1:10pm Adhikari Scott B.
PSYCH 101 All Sections All Instructors Jadyn L.
STAT 226 All Sections All Instructors Madison F.