Supplemental Instruction


Welcome to the online SI schedule to view days, times, and locations for SI sessions!
  • SI sessions will be facilitated online via Zoom for the Spring 2021 semester. No in-person sessions will be available.
  • SI sessions for Spring 2021 begin Monday, February 1st, 2021. Specific days, times, and locations for SI sessions will be posted Friday, January 29th, 2021. Click on your course below to find the specific days/times for sessions.
  • When are the SI sessions? Click on your course/section to find out.
  • Where are the sessions located? All SI sessions will be facilitated online for Spring 2021. Click on your course/section to find the Zoom link associated with your SI session.
  • Can I get e-mail updates about SI? Yes! Follow these directions.
  • My course is listed, but not my section, can I participate? Yes! The sections listed indicated which lectures the Leader is attending. Students from any section can attend SI.
  • My course is not listed. What can I do for help? We recommend that you consider applying for a tutor.

Spring 2021 Supplemental Instruction Schedule

Course Instructor Leader(s)
ACCT 284 Bergman Barbara S.
ACCT 284 Clem Jess S.
AN S 214 Koltes Noah C.
AN S 331 Sterle Samantha J
BIOL 211 Roe Sydney S.
BIOL 211 Rogers Emma B.
BIOL 211 Biederman Sam K.
BIOL 212 Manz Emma B.
BIOL 212 Howell Alannah S.
BIOL 212 Kukday Natalie D.
BIOL 256 Haen Gabbie H.
BIOL/GEN 313 Volbrecht Tessa
CHEM 163 Burke Dhaval
CHEM 167 Bonaccorsi Mia R.
CHEM 177 Jenks Erin C.
CHEM 178 Gundlach-Graham Jenna B.
CHEM 178 Holme Nathan R.
CHEM 231 Appy Emma S.
CHEM 331 Kraus Lokesh P.
CHEM 332 Awino Jarod L.
CHEM 332 VanVeller Jack O.
E M 324 Zarechnyy Aman U.
E M 378 Tim Tori M.
FS HN 167 Wolff Emma B.
MATH 143 Blumen Kailee E.
MATH 151 Mayhook Aimee S.
MATH 165 Bolles Abigail P.
MATH 166 Bolles Andre V.
MATH 166 Bolles Trace K.
MATH 265 Bolles Daniel C.
MATH 267 Wu Taner E.
MATH 267 Khan Jack K.
PHYS 111 Frishman Nethmi H.
PHYS 221 Johnston Joel C.
PHYS 221 Frishman Ian M.
PHYS 232X Danilovic Ben B.
PSYCH 101 Cooper Jessica B.
STAT 226 Peterson Jessie B.